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For Guys Only
          …..  by Bill Hudson

Men … On Wednesday, February 13 th, you will start thinking about what you’re going to do for the next day or, as the women call it … “Valentine’s Day.”

For that 24-hour period of distress trying to think of the perfect gift (something meaningful, loving, different yet personal, and above all … affordable … or, make that thrifty), I have a fool-proof suggestion that meets all requirements, and it can be repeated year after year. Even better, your girl will know it’s coming, anticipate it, and cherish it forever. It takes very little of your time, but that time must be spent mentally focused solely on the recipient, the girl you love. When done properly you will know it by the sincere smile of gratitude on that girl’s face when you hand it to her. It’s almost a small miracle how something so insignificant can bring such appreciation. And during that moment of giving, you will rise from being just another guy to becoming hero-for-a-day.

I stumbled onto the power of this gift years ago. Each time my wife Ellie gave birth to one of our eight children, the other kids would walk into the recovery room carrying a single carnation wrapped in baby’s breath. Florist cost, $1.50 each. Ellie may have been exhausted from delivery but seeing each smiling child parade into the room and give her a flower brought happiness and tears of joy. It was like the Epiphany with the three wise men arriving.

Then as the eight children grew (4 boys and 4 girls), I gave Ellie and my daughters a similar flower for Valentine’s Day. I began attaching a card with a little “Roses are red” poem to each flower. The poem was something unique about each girl. That’s when I struck gold! A simple four-line poem with a single carnation. The girls read them, giggled, gave me a big hug, and shared them with their sisters. I didn’t realize until years later that each girl had saved every poem. They meant and still mean that much.

There is something completely different about the makeup of girls that us guys will never fully understand. While we men seek material things for happiness, women seem content with spiritual happiness. Maybe a single flower represents the bond of love and how fragile it can be unless nourished. Maybe a short silly poem says, “You are special” in a way that touches their heart.

Our Hudson family has since grown with 20 grandchildren and I now write 25 Valentines each February 13th. The girls still anticipate getting them, saving them, and sharing them. It takes a little longer now, but the joy each brings is so worth it.

The delicate flowers die … the words and memories endure.


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