Today we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and tomorrow we will celebrate the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali - two iconic figures in American history, with birthdays two days apart.
Each of these men stood majestically for core principles that would change the world for the better. Those core values are worthy of our attention and collective implementation today.
In honor of these two great men, Ron Walker has written two companion blogs. The first is a personal reflection of the impact each of their footprints have had - and continue to have - on his life personally. The second speaks to the guiding principles by which they each lived and served.
As you reflect on the life and legacy of King and Ali, imagine how different the world would be if our efforts might be anchored to them. The lives lived by King and Ali can never be replicated, but they can serve as beacons in a world in need of peace, love, and hope.
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