Nov/Dec 2015 Newsletter
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As this year comes to a close, we would like to appreciate the many people and partners we are grateful to work with to bring greater health equity to East and West Oakland. We invite you to celebrate with us and our partners Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm and the Oakland Food Policy Council as we close out our exciting  Food Warrior Challenge collaborative fundraising drive. We are also thankful for all of our partners with the Built Environment Action Team and Healthy Development Guidelines project through East Oakland Building Healthy Communities who continue to seek ways to increase community decision-making and benefits in urban planning and development. We also want to appreciate our good food partners including Bi-Rite Market and our Chef Challenge participants who are committed to making good food just and accessible for everyone. And most importantly we lift up our youth and resident leaders who are the driving heart and soul of all the work that we do.

Thank you to each of you for your support in making this work possible and looking forward to an amazing 2016!
Join Our Team: HOPE is Hiring!
HOPE Collaborative is currently hiring for two temporary positions. The Project Coordinator will coordinate HOPE's community and youth leadership development programming. The  Healthy Mobile Food Vending Project Leader will conduct interviews and collect data to inform the development of the Healthy Mobile Food Vending Program. To learn more about these positions and how to apply, visit our website.
HOPE is also looking for dedicated Oakland residents to support our work. We are always looking for people who want to join in and support our activities and events in the community as Action Team Members . Additionally, we are looking for people willing to take on a little more responsibility to support us in our outreach and engagement activities as a Project Leader. Stipends are available to support the participation of community residents.
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The Community Outreach Leader supports the promotion of HOPE and the work we do in the community. The goal of promoting HOPE to the broader community is to raise awareness of health inequity in Oakland; engage and recruit new members to get involved in projects; and increase turnout at events. This individual is expected to be the point person for co-coordinating and providing outreach support at community events. HOPE will provide training opportunities to the Community Outreach Leader to build and improve outreach skills.

For more information, contact  HOPE at
HOPE Spotlight 
Lorenza Madrid, HOPE Volunteer and Elmhurst Resident
Lorenza Madrid, HOPE Volunteer
We would like to highlight Lorenza Madrid, a recent HOPE volunteer and Elmhurst resident. Lorenza has lived in the Elmhurst neighborhood for the past fifteen years. She really appreciates the local schools which not only provide an education to her children but also are helping her personal development. Specifically, Lorenza has been taking after-school classes to receive her GED. Ultimately, she plans on attaining further education to improve both her personal development and her family's well-being.

Lorenza has been supporting and participating in both HOPE Collaborative's Healthy Corner Store Project and the Elmhurst Planning Initiative. As a native Spanish Speaker, Lorenza helped survey food vendors operating near East Oakland schools to better understand their work and also explore their interests in selling healthier food items. She recently has focused on renovating and rebranding the OneStop Liquor Store located in the Elmhurst neighborhood. In collaboration with partners, Lorenza helps bring fresh produce to the store and conducts customer surveys. Long term, she wants to help develop regular promotional activities at OneStop that promote healthy eating and purchasing in her own community.

Overall, Lorenza believes her participation with HOPE Collaborative complements her long-term goals. As she puts it, HOPE Collaborative allows her to receive training and build her skills. In particular, due to her past experience as a food entrepreneur, her volunteering at OneStop allows her to build her food management and business knowledge. She also is glad for the opportunity to work with her local neighbors, and together, support HOPE's goals of promoting resident-led improvements to the food system and built environment.  
Food Systems 
Celebrate with HOPE Collaborative, Acta non Verba, & Oakland Food Policy Council!
Food Warriors: Esperanza La Arana, Sabrina Wuush, and Kelly Fearnothing: the Foulmouthed Fury.
Oakland Food Warrior Challenge After Party

WHAT: End of year celebration for HOPE Collaborative, Acta non Verba, Oakland Food Policy Council
WHEN: Saturday, December 12, 6-9PM
WHERE: Oakstop, 1721 Broadway, Oakland, CA
WHO: You and the Oakland food justice community

As they say, "After the Show, It's the After Party"!

Join YOUR Food Warriors in our final feat of 2015: hosting a community celebration of all of the hard work we've all done this year! 

There will be a Live DJ, Signature Drinks named for the Food Warriors and Delicious Appetizers catered by local event planner, "Love, Cyn"!

More info here: 
About The Challenge:

This winter Esperanza Pallana, Director of Oakland Food Policy Council (, Kelly Carlisle, Director of Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (, and Sabrina Wu, Director of HOPE Collaborative ( ) and have joined forces to bring you the Food Warrior

We are strategic partners transforming the Oakland food system collectively through our work in food policy, built environments and food cultivation. We chose to launch a shared fundraising event as recognition and celebration of our unique working relationship that enables us to maintain a collaborative rather than competitive spirit with each other. A blessing and superpower in itself!

The way it works is that you have until 
December 10th 2015 to challenge one or all of the Directors in a feat of physical strength, stamina, agility or goofiness. You pledge for your challenge. That's right.

Write the feat you challenge one or all of us to and donate an amount to see us accomplish it in the comments section below!

Then... Come PARTY With US on  December 12th at Oakstop Co-Working Space, 1721 Broadway, Oakland, CA, 6PM-9PMConveniently close to BART in Downtown Oakland!

Bi-Rite Inspires Store Owners and Shares Produce Skills
Simon Richard, Bi-Rite Produce Manager and Sam Mongannan, Bi-Rite owner instruct and inspire corner store owners to successfully sell fresh produce and transform their businesses into centers of healthy food and community life.

Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco is well-known as a shining star of the local food movement in the Bay Area. Through a commitment to sourcing high quality, local products and a passion for treating customers well they have transformed a humble family liquor store in the Mission into a foodie destination. What further sets Bi-Rite apart is their ongoing commitment to share their success with other small businesses, particularly in low-income communities. Building on past partnerships with healthy retail projects in the Bayview, Bi-Rite has embarked on a partnership with HOPE to develop a training curriculum for store owners to source, manage, and merchandize fresh produce. Bi-Rite hopes to be able to share the curriculum they develop for HOPE store owners.

After taking the time to visit HOPE's  Healthy Corner Stores, Bi-Rite staff developed a half day training for store owners and HOPE resident leaders. The day started with a tour of the market and an opportunity to see how Bi-Rite sets up and manages several food departments in a small space. After the tour, store owners introduced themselves and shared their current strategies and challenges in sourcing and selling produce. This was the first time HOPE's store owners had been in a room together and their presentations led to rich conversation and ideas about how to work together. Bi-Rite then lead a training on sourcing produce including selecting quality products and ordering and negotiating with produce suppliers. This was followed by each store owner receiving a produce merchandising kit including laminated produce care cards, a produce mister, baskets, and reusable price tags. The store owners were then given instruction on how to keep their produce displays looking fresh and attractive.

The day culminated with salted caramel ice cream and Sam Mogannam, the owner of Bi-Rite, inspiring store owners with the story of how he transformed a regular liquor store started by his family who emigrated from Palestine into the fresh and profitable food business it is today. He emphasized the need to really invest in relationships with each customer and to develop a reputation built on consistency and quality. Even though Bi-Rite serves a higher end clientele, Sam's story resonated deeply with the owners and they left excited to apply their new knowledge and tools back at their stores. Thanks to Bi-Rite staff Sharkirah Simley,Sarah Arndt, and Simon Richard for all your work in putting together such a great training!

HOPE Participates in Bay Area Wide Healthy Retail Convening
Left: HOPE Project Leaders and Staff at the convening. Right: Ang Hadwin, HOPE Project Associate, discusses lessons from starting the Healthy Corner Store Project on a panel entitled "Start It, Run It, Sustain It"

On Thursday, November 5 th , 2015 the   San Francisco Department of Public Health Healthy Retail SF , and  SPUR  brought together 9 healthy retail programs from around the Bay Area to meet for the first time. Retail program staff and participants were joined by experts in the field and food business representatives. The goals of the convening were to share best practices, explore the potential for collaborations, think about healthy retail at a regional scale, and provide an opportunity for face-to-face networking.
Healthy Corner Store Project Leaders Chanel Williams and Paula Beal represented HOPE and were accompanied by HOPE staff Ang Hadwin and Sabrina Wu. The day started with brief presentations   from each of the healthy retail programs as well as quick introductions by the other attendees. The first panel "Start It, Run It, Sustain It" featured representatives from the Food Trust working in San Jose, Mandela MarketPlace, and HOPE discussing lessons and ongoing challenges for launching and sustaining a healthy retail program. The second panel focused on evaluation strategies and how to best measure the impact of healthy retail programs in order to sustain programs and advance the field as a whole. Finally, participants broke into small groups to discuss important topics such as community engagement, business development, and sourcing. As groups reported back from their discussions, some potential themes and next steps emerged, including developing a platform to continue communication and share resources as well as opportunities to continue to strategize together.
HOPE members left excited and inspired by all of the exciting healthy retail work happening in the bay and look forward to continuing to learn from and partner with other programs.

Built Environment
HOPE Co-hosts Equity in Planning forum with CPEHN
Partners in the Healthy Development Guidelines process at the American Planning Association conference. From left to right: Darin Ranelletti, City of Oakland Planning Department; Anna Lee, PlaceMatters Alameda County Public Health Department; Maria Perez, East Oakland Building Healthy Communities; Esther Goolsby, HOPE Collaborative and Communities for a Better Environment; Nehanda Imara, Communities for a Better Environment; Jason Laub, Nautilus Group.

On November 12 at the California Endowment's office in Oakland, the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network (CPEHN) organized a convening entitled  A Blueprint for Health: Planning Communities that Promote Equity. The meeting in Oakland is part of a series of gatherings CPEHN is organizing in order to discuss and provide feedback on the recently released  general plan guidelines produced by the Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR). HOPE Collaborative was invited to speak about its local efforts to promote community health via land-use and environmental change. In addition, the event included presentations by ChangeLab Solutions on the importance and impact of General Plans' on community health and staff from OPR summarizing revisions to the general plan guidelines.

More than fifty individuals attended the event with diverse groups (including local planning professionals, academics, Oakland residents, and government staff) at the Oakland convening. Esther Goolsby, Co-Chair of HOPE's Built Environment Action Team and Steering Committee member, co-presented with Ruben on HOPE's efforts to promote neighborhood-based planning where Oakland residents working along with partners renovate and re-imagine their community for health and sustainability. Afterwards, community partner and Alameda County Public Health Department staff Anna Lee spoke about the Healthy Development Guidelines (HDG) project. Anna described the origins of the HDG project and current efforts to finalize policy language for the HDG, and ultimately, implement this innovative policy document.  At the close of the meeting, the audience broke into groups and provided concrete suggestions to OPR staff on improving and strengthening the general plan guidelines.

Overall, the convening provided HOPE Collaborative a forum to speak about its Built Environment program.   In the future, HOPE Collaborative looks forward to patterning with interested audience members. Finally, HOPE thanks to CPEHN for the invitation to participate and the California Endowment for hosting. 

For more information, contact HOPE at

Community Engagement 
HOPE Youth Testify at School Board, OUSD Central Kitchen Approved
Youth Action Board members ready to testify at the School Board meeting in support of the Central Kitchen.

HOPE has partnered with Oakland Unified School District on their Farm to School initiatives for the past several years. In our most recent showing of support, HOPE's Youth Action Board members spoke out at the Board of Education meeting on November 4 in support of the proposed Central Kitchen, Instructional Farm and Education Center Project.  Of the 41 people who provided public comment in person, about a fifth were from HOPE's YAB, who brought significant student voice to the conversation.  

YAB members all shared their personal experiences with school food at their own school cafeterias and passionately spoke about the benefits they felt the Central Kitchen would bring.  Bryan Lucero shared about how the project would benefit his education and future career. "I personally would benefit from the kind of hands-on education that the farm and education center would offer. I would like to learn more about nutrition, the science of cooking, hospitality and business management skills because I see a career for myself in these fields."  After hearing the multiple stories and perspectives from the public, the Board unanimously approved the resolution to move the project forward.  

Stay tuned for more updates from the HOPE Collaborative. You can also visit us at or connect with us on social media for more frequent updates.

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