Our Mission Statement
“To breathe life and hope into women who have been marginalized, demoralized and traumatized, as we equip them for a future of love and prosperity.”
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They are your daughter, your mother, your sister, your best friend.
Our women come from all walks of life. Many come from broken homes, suffered from extreme abuse, some have been victims of sex trafficking, some have even come from good families, but something in their lives left them broken inside. 

Depression, anxiety, trauma and a sense of hopelessness brought our women to Learn to Fish. Here, they build a solid foundation that translates to renewing family bonds, gaining trust from friends and family, and especially rebuilding relationships with their children. 

Recovery is different for every woman, just as every woman is different. Learn to Fish provides a unique approach and not a “one size fits all” program. Many of our women are spiritually broken. We provide the tools and environment in which to regain her spirit, her faith, her hope and ultimately, her Recovery.

These are real pictures of our real women who have really recovered! This is why we do what we do!
Learn to Fish Recovery Center
526 4th Ave E
Bradenton Fl 34208