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Doug Burum
About Doug Burum

     Dear Clients and Friends,


     Just as every invention is unique, every patent attorney or agent is also unique. While we may have worked together on a project in the past, and you may already have some impression of my skills and experience, I thought you might be interested to know more about my background.   


     I wasn't always a patent agent. My education was in physics (PhD from Caltech) and my first career of more than 20 years was in scientific instruments. The principles of physics underlie most technologies, so a physicist can sometimes be a "jack of all trades". During my instrumentation career, I did almost everything possible, including basic research, product applications and demonstration, software development, product design, marketing, sales, and even field service repair of highly sophisticated instruments for a variety of markets. During that time I gained considerable experience in RF electronics, digital electronics, and superconductivity. The instruments were mainly used for chemical analysis, so I also picked up a fair amount of chemistry along the way. For more than 10 years I was a national product manager at Bruker Instruments in Billerica, MA (now Bruker Biospin). Later on, I also worked at various times in process control, MRI, and telecommunications.


     In my second career as a patent agent, I have learned how important it is to really "get" an invention at a fundamental level, and also how important it is to understand the market and the goals of each client. The training I received from Caltech, the more than 30 scientific papers that I authored, and my experience as a manager and VP have all been a big help to me in those regards.


     There are many dedicated and highly talented patent agents and attorneys in New England, but few of them have a background similar to mine. Do you know someone who has a scientific or medical instrument invention, or any other innovation that I might be uniquely qualified to comprehend and to protect? If so, then I hope you will take the time to introduce us, so that I can tell them more about myself and about the rest of our talented team here at MCR.




Doug Burum