Can Instagram be a way to
focus Your marketing program?

If you’re like me Instagram was just a new fad when it first came on the scene. I didn’t understand the point of just looking at pictures and and as a marketing person not being able to add live links was a turn off. I have been active on social media since 2007 with Facebook and Twitter and have been active as a blogger on those platforms since those days. Like many new platforms Instagram was quickly taken up by the younger crowd as the “new thing” and even started to leave the all popular Facebook behind.

Over the years Instagram which is owned by Facebook has become a leader in the social media space. What I didn’t know is what I would learn about my business and how it could help focus it. Because Instagram is a visual medium and I am a visual person I find that I need to see things in a visual format, which is what Instagram is as a platform. Over the last year I decided to really focus on my Instagram profile. I have been on Instagram for about two years but just posting things when I felt like it and not caring about format, followers, or any of that.

One of the ways I have created specific tiles for Instagram when creating cover images for my podcast is to have two templates created in programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. If you don’t have those design programs Canva is a popular program or you can just edit them in your photo storage program. You may want to go back to an earlier Creative Connection where I talked about images. Creating specific images for your Instagram Feed is one of the first ways to help your feed look better. Once you have images that look good you will be able to see the focus of your feed. I explain it more in the video below.


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Use Instagram for Your Business
Instagram TV-IGTV
If you are into creating video you can use IGTV to improve your profile. The cover image part doesn’t work too well but this is a good way to add video content that people will see right away. I have started using Series to organize my IGTV content. Here is a link to my channel for you to have a look.
Instagram Apps

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Good luck creating visual appealing content for your feed.

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