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April 2024 | Vol. 33, No. 2
Firm Owners: Don't Forget to Update the Board of New Firm Ownership and/or Management
Sanctions Issued for ARE Misconduct
In February NCARB issued sanctions for several candidates who violated the ARE Candidate Agreement by copying, sharing, or receiving exam questions.

Each candidate received a public reprimand and exam scores connected to the violations have been invalidated. Each candidate has had their testing authorization suspended for five years from their last testing event and is required to complete six hours of ethics education within the next 12 months. Additionally, the candidate misconduct has been reported to the appropriate licensing boards, which may take additional disciplinary actions warranted by the individual cases.  

For more information visit the NCARB website.
New Registrants by Examination
Javier Rios Barrera (Las Vegas) #9402
Alexander Villa (Las Vegas) #9403
Kenneth Ballard (Las Vegas) #9404
Kristen Levin (Reno) #9405
Alexander Quintero (Henderson) #9406
Joseph Bradshaw (Las Vegas) #9412

Registered Interior Designers
Sharon Ly (Las Vegas) #310-ID
Nisha Stewart (Reno) #311-ID
Vanessa Watts (Brooklyn, NY) #312-ID
Susan (Libby) Connaghan (Las Vegas) #313-ID

Residential Designer
Thomas Fougner (Sun Valley, NV) #447-RD
Glen Zilly (Scottsdale, AZ) #448-RD
Colin McHale (Las Vegas) #449-RD
Blake Epperson (Las Vegas) #450-RD
Architects Kristen Levin, Joseph Bradshaw, Alexander Quintero, Kenneth Ballard, Javier Rios Barrera, and Alexander Villa
RIDs Libby Connaghan, Nisha Stewart, Vanessa Watts, and Sharon Ly
RDs Colin McHale, Glen Zilly, Thomas Fougner, and Blake Epperson
CEU Opportunties
NSBAIDRD / AIALV Announce Date for Annual CEU Seminar 
The 12th Annual NSBAIDRD / AIALV CEU Seminar is scheduled for Friday, November 1, 2024. This is a virtual event. Speaker line-up and further details will be announced later this year. 
NCARB's Designing to Mitigate Wildfire Damage to Residential and Commercial Buildings
Wildfire damage mitigation has become increasingly important as wildfires themselves steadily increase in frequency, size, and ferocity, putting more communities, buildings, and lives at risk. The property damage they cause is rising even more dramatically. This course examines wildfire behavioral attributes and the wide range of wildfire damage mitigation techniques that architects can implement when designing buildings. Learn more
Your Board in the Community
Over the past year, the board has been active in promoting licensure in the community and educating future design professionals about the paths to licensure. The board partnered with different community representatives, including AIA Las Vegas and AIA Northern Nevada, to successfully reach so many people. Some of the groups and events the board connected with are listed below:

  • ACE High School
  • Bonanza High School
  • Construction Career Day (Las Vegas)
  • Construction Career Day (Reno)
  • Coronado High School
  • Ed W. Clark High School
  • Las Vegas High School
  • Somerset Academy
  • Truckee Meadows Community College
  • UNLV School of Architecture
  • West Career and Technical Academy

If you would like a board representative to speak to your group, please contact the board’s Public Information Officer, Stacey Hatfield, to arrange a speaker or event.
Above: Jeff Sarmiento, Glenn Nowak, Stacey Hatfield, Erik Swendseid, and Katherine Burdick at Ed W Clark High School GearUp Power Hour.

Below: Marshall Cowan and Kyle Cassinelli at Reno's Construction Career Day.
NSBAIDRD on Social Media
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Formal Contested Administrative Hearing
Board Finds Non-Registrant in Violation of NRS 623.360.1(a)(b)(c): Case No. 24-016N
The board found Jeffrey Hagen and JAHA violated NRS 623.360.1(a)(b)(c) by holding themselves out as being able to practice as architects and/or residential designers, and practicing architecture and residential design, without having a certificate of registration issued by the board.

The board imposed an administrative fine of $20,000 and ordered the respondents to pay all costs and fees for the investigation and hearing.