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July 9, 2021







Juan O Savin brilliantly lays out where we are in the world in this first of a two-part series.

Nobody breaks down current events with the lens of historical significance like Juan O Savin, especially while putting it in a biblical context.

´╗┐(Be sure to watch part 2 below)

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Be sure to watch part 2 of this two-part series you won't want to miss with Juan O Savin!

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Join us as Dr. Sherwood teaches us about skin, sunscreen, vitamin D, and overprotection!

To learn more about Dr. Sherwood's services visit his website and download a free copy of Dr. Sherwood's ebook "Build Resiliency in Health, Hope, and Freedom!"

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Make no mistake, we are in a war. This war begins and ends with words, their meanings, and our freedom to use them. Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the battle terrain as political, military and linguistic expert Jim Houck dissects the Left's agenda.

This interview is not for the faint of heart or those easily offended.

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Did you know God wants to have a personal relationship with you?

Join Stacy and Tammy this week as they discuss Jesus' desire to be a part of your life!

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Amala Ekpunobi shares what sparked her transformation from America-hating activist to proud American.

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Fox Reporter Peter Doocy just embarrassed Biden's Press Sec. Jen Psaki for bragging about the price of hot dogs and other Fourth of July supplies being $16 cents cheaper while gas prices surge.

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