January 29, 2021
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Retired Army Colonel Phil Waldron is a cyber and political warfare specialist who has been tasked with researching the 2020 Election for fraud... watch to see what he said about it!

This is a video response to many of your comments and questions to the Col Phil Waldron interview.
One of the most important things in life is to know what time it is, what season it is, and to make sure you are operating accordingly!

...Make no mistake: this EO will ruin women's sports. Why? Because women are athletically inferior to men. *gasp* Oops, my misogyny is showing again!...READ MORE
Two weeks ago we decided as a family to go ALL-IN with Flyover Conservatives. Since then we have started building an amazing team around us and together we have built an exciting brand with Flyover Conservatives. We have created a website, blog, podcast, youtube channel and NOW we are on Instagram, Facebook, and Rumble! We would like to give a few special shoutouts to our new teammates... our son and daughter-in-love Colton and Mikayla Whited as our branding and marketing department. Our daughter Averee for her hours of design work and video editing skills. Chelsea Comadoll for running our blog as the Blogger-in-Chief! And last but not least Micaela James as our Social Media Manager! None of this could have happened without this amazing team who have put in countless hours to make this happen!
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Learn the meaning of the Constitution and the principles of American government in this new version of Hillsdale's most popular course. Visit hillsdale.edu/con101 to begin your course today.

The form of government prescribed by the Constitution is based on the timeless principles of the Declaration of Independence. These two documents establish the formal and final causes of the United States and make possible the freedom that is the birthright of all Americans.
Johnny Enlow discusses how God keeps His promises and we are to NOT give up on Him. God has a plan and justice is coming! He's never early and He’s never too late. 
We hope you enjoy this encouraging video.
Charlie went live in Chino Hills California with Pastor Jack Hibbs to deliver a much-needed message of hope, action and a plan to move forward in a time of anxiety for many under this new administration.
Mark Dice is basically a comedian, but in the upside-down world we live in, he is also one of the most insightful commentators of current events!  If you are not following Mark, give him a shot, he will keep you sharp.
One thing we all have in common is that we played little role in the details of our birth. We chose not the day, the year, the family, and certainly not the country. If you're reading this, more than likely you have the winning lottery ticket of being alive in the United States of America in 2021. We are all the recipients of freedom and the artists and poets of the world. We stand on the shoulders of those that laid their ambitions to the side and dedicated themselves to the study of politics and war so that their children could have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy, thus allowing us to study “Netflix and TikTok."
The reality is, the seasons have changed. As much as John Adams would have rather farmed or spent time in other pursuits, he rose to the occasion and demands of his time, because he loved those who followed him more than he loved himself.  
As conservatives, we are a little late to the dance when it comes to fighting back, showing up, and activism, but the music is still playing! The left has been using their small numbers to take ground and affect change for far too long. In this newsletter is a video by a conservative professor from Hillsdale College breaking down an intro to the Constitution. That's a start! That’s a start for us to equip ourselves to explain in a more intelligent way why we are unique among all nations that have come before us.
We have created space in Facebook, Instagram, Rumble, YouTube, and every podcast platform for you to interact, educate, equip, and sharpen each other. Many of you are reaching out to lend a hand. Thousands of you are activating your thumbs and becoming digital soldiers in this new world that is both digital and spiritual in nature. Together we will learn from the left but do it better, the same way we built everything else. We are awake like never before, we are speaking up like never before, and we are showing up like never before!
Thank you for being what the times demand!
Flyover Team
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