January 22, 2021
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Beni Johnson Interview
A rare and enlightening interview with Beni Johnson of Bethel Church. Jesus never denied the storm, but he had a peace that the disciples did not. How do you hold on to hope, and tie your faith onto something greater and more real than the storm?
Juan O Savin Interview
Join in as we discuss election results, possibilities, old testament prophecies, the occult, hidden numbers, and a whole lot more with THE Juan O Savin!
Featured Flyover Blog
by Micaela James
Ever heard the quote "salt in my hair, and I don't care?" These are the words I lived by; I might as well have...READ MORE
Flyover Podcast
The Flyover Podcast has officially been launched! You can find us in almost every podcasting platform that there is! Please feel free to share out the podcast... We are honored by your support
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OutKick The Coverage
MULTIPLE Studies Show American Trust In The Media Has Hit An All-Time LOW!
On the statement, "most news organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public," 58% of Americans agree.
Glen Beck: 8 Strategies for Conservatives
Glenn reads an article from the Federalist by Joy Pullmann, called “8 Strategies For Exiting The Biden Years Stronger Than The Right Went In.” She gives several concrete ways that conservatives in America can can gain strength through the Biden era. Glenn says her thoughts are Reaganesque, which is EXACTLY what we need right now.
How to Fight Big Tech
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks about big tech with Tim Pool, Dennis Prager, Tucker Carlson, Michael Malice, Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Beck and more. This compilation shows how long the big tech censorship problem has been growing with clips spanning the last few years. Dave discusses section 230, social media censorship, and free speech with tech innovators like Peter Thiel, politicians like Ted Cruz, creators like Bridget Phetasy, commentators like Michael Knowles, and activists like Charlie Kirk.
Flyover Update
What a week! I am sure that we are all processing the events of the last few days somewhere between the loss of a loved pet and a punch in the mouth that makes your lip bleed but wakes you up like in a kung fu movie.
I heard someone say this week that “people tend to get a government that they work for and deserve”.  I had to let that soak in a bit. We are still highly focused on the exposure of lies, corruption, and the manipulation of the votes by the Left. All of that remains true, and I am doing everything in our power to both pray for supernatural intervention and encourage those that are still on the front lines of the legal battles. But how did we get to a place where this is all necessary? How did we end up with a Capital that is run by non-elected deep state swamp monsters that just puppet master each new batch of elected pawns? If you have a flag on your house, you vote each cycle and get goosebumps when veterans are recognized to the Lee Greenwood song you may think it’s not your fault. Maybe you're right? Who knows? 
I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we could all do more to “work for and ultimately deserve a better government”. Do you know the names of your local school board that voted to teach the 1619 project content to the youth of your district? Do your neighbors and grown children know the name and goals of your mayor and if he/she is promoting “drag queen story hour” to preschool children in your local library? Do you know how to call your Governor and demand an explanation for the rationale behind his/her mask mandates and policies or are you just hoping it all works out well naturally on its own?
I can do better. You can do better. Together we can all do a LOT better! Flyover Conservatives is a family, and we are going to spend the next two years using every tool available to help this family wake up, speak up, and show up! Podcasts, blogs, live events, and we will use Big Techs own tools to build a machine to take this country back!
Are you with us?