Danger Will Robinson!

Keep your guard up. The scammers never rest. I’ve recently heard of a few businesses getting ripped-off with the old “I’ll come and pick them up and pay with a credit card” scam. Tell your people that just because the credit card runs through and you think all is well, you will be charged back by your bank once they figure it out. You will be on the hook as this is not your typical transaction. The credit card company will just say you should have known better... Here’s an example of an email we received:  

I'm Patrick  I want to know if you can get me any of these Tire sizes for a
Pick up order.

Michelin Premier LTX 275/45R22...

Michelin Defender LTX M/S LT285/60R20...

Michelin Primacy Tour A/S 315/40R21...

Goodyear Fortera SL Edition 305/45R22...

Kindly let me know the pricing for the tires and lead time for pick up once ordered.What major credit cards do you accept.
Thank you.

To learn more google: “tire credit card scam.”  

Global tire sales ranking

Who makes the most tires? Bridgestone? Nope, only 190 million. Michelin? Nah, only 184 million. Over the last 5 years Hankook and Pirelli have engaged in a slugfest for 6th place. In 2020 Hankook came out ahead. In ‘19 it was Pirelli. So it’s not them. The real Tire King (sorry Charlie) is Lego. They sell 318 million tires a year! Yes, the same folks that make those little bricks that you hate to step on, top the tire sales charts with no one else even coming close. I think they need some competition. 
Indispensable Propaganda

Medallion dealers earn the fabled Double Bucks on the New Cooper Endeavour and Endeavor Plus lines. But wait, there’s more! Not to pile on but... they’ll pay your counter people an extra $4 per tire to sell them. To learn all there is to know about this extra rewards program click HERE

No wonder tires cost so much

I had to read this article twice to believe it. The August 30th issue of the Wall Street Journal reports that car tires are being packed into seats on repurposed passenger jets. International air travel is still down 50% from pre-virus levels and when teamed with all the container shipping issues, air cargo revenue is a bright spot for cash-bleeding airlines. The article states, “Cargo carriers pulled idled jets from desert storage, and passenger planes were repurposed to carry goods in cabins to help meet demand for personal protective equipment.” The headline: “Cargo planes fly at almost 90% capacity as peak season starts; car tires ride in cabins.” No word on what brands are doing this yet.
They grow up so fast

It seems like just yesterday that Wally the Cavapoo was learning to drive, but now with perfect timing, he’s gotten his private pilot’s license. As soon as possible we’ll have him transitioned over to commercial cargo jets so he can fly in extra tires for the busy season.  

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