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Family Day Sale
Family Day Sale
Family Day Sale


Our line camp is up, rocking, and saw it's first overnight guests this week. Several camping trips have been successfully completed, and the horses are getting used to these new routines. We were sad to see Robert leave on July 1st, but myself and the wrangling team have stepped up to assign horses and see everyone off safe and happy. it's been so great to speak with the guests, and hear why they keep returning to The Flying U. Everyone may have slightly different reasons, but in the end, it all comes down to the horses: our herd works their butts off, and make so many people so happy. 

It really feels like we're starting to hit our stride up here, and I can see now why The Flying U is so well-loved across the country and internationally. It truly is a remarkable place, with an exceptional history. But most of all, it's the guests that make this all possible, and the ranch would be nothing without all of you!

Flying U Garden is (finally) complete! With so much else going on, the garden is admittedly a little late getting in. However, we're excited to see things sprouting and are very looking forward to years of fresh produce grown right in Flying U soil! 


The Flying U's new line-camp style post saw it's very first visitors in June. Up past Dunden Lakes, nestled just within the tree line lies the site of our new custom camp. Our brave pioneers rode up early evening to meet us for steak dinner, grilled on an open fire surrounded by the tall grasses of the clearing and of course, their horses. This group chose to ride back with our wranglers under the stars rather than spend the night at camp. Both options are available and are respectively unique and exciting. Should you like to camp under the spectacular nightime-Cariboo sky, you will be provided with a tent, and cooked breakfast over an open fire before heading off again with the horses for the day. 

Overnight trips must be booked a minimum of 7 days in advance and are subject to availability.  Campfires weather permitting. 

The first ever Equi-Health Canada Basic Emergencu Equine First Aid class held at The Flying U was a great success. An intimate group of four completed the certified course, and went on to desensitization training the second afternoon. 

Flying U's custom desensitization course was built based on methods used in training war horses. These fun obstacles are a great way to improve bonds and work at fundamental levels of horsemanship. 

Classes must be booked a minimum of 7 days in advance and are subject to availability. 

"I want to thank [Taylor] for the Equine Emergency First Aid course [she] instructed at Flying U Ranch.  I have been exposed to a few horse scrapes, injuries, lameness and one birth in the past but always had the good fortune of having very knowledgeable people around. Now I feel confident in responding to emergencies on my own.  
The really great thing about the course that stands out - beyond the clear instructions and hands on experience, was how I increased my knowledge and understanding of preventative practices. The examples were very good and the discussions were very helpful. The course booklet is a valuable tool and I keep the quick reference normal/abnormal card with me 
Thank you for increasing my confidence and access to great references."
- Nathalie Klein, June 2016


This year we have had great success building community relations with new (as well as familiar) faces from Green Lake and 70 Mile House! Our Saturday night concert and dinner series has been off to a fabulous start this summer, bringing together Flying U guests as well as Cariboo locals in spectacular evenings of song and dance.

If you have yet to attend one of our Open House events, worry not! We have a great lineup of performers gracing the Flying U stage this summer, and we hope to see you all there! Please make sure to call or email ahead to reserve your spot.


Saturday, July 9:
  • The Maxwells-Doug & Corinne will perform at 7pm!
  • $25.00 admission with dinner
Saturday, July 16:
  • Mountain Fever, a 5 piece folk/country band will be putting on a boot-stomping concert and dance for us at 7pm!
  • $25.00 admission with dinner
Sunday, July 31:
  • Dave Abbs will lead us in a spectacular night of Square Dancing starting at 7pm! 
  • FREE Admission, $20.00 for dinner!

June 16th, 2016, 5:15 am. 
Filly, Sorrel, Quater Horse x Morab
Both mom and baby are doing great, and the little filly is growing like a weed with lots of spunk!

BUT we don't have a name! Help us out with your suggestion! 

Submit your suggestion to our poll HERE.


Would you like to join Moray in creating some art! She has been teaching art methods and inspiring creativity for over 30 years.
  • Tuesday, July 16th: Drawing & Painting - We focus on landscapes and horses with water colours or acrylic painting

  • Wednesday, July 17th:
    - There will be supplies for wood carving, paper mache, and clay
  • Thursday, July 21:
    Collage Art 
    - Using cut out paper images, textures and colours to replicate a landscape

There will be plenty of supplies and subjects to inspire the artist in 
all of you!

Classes start from 1pm to 5pm and you could return in the evening to finish up after 6:30 pm until 8:30pm

The Flying U is pleased to announce the launch of their Outfitter's Department. This new outsourcing with help link guests with local operators who provide an array of winter activities. See the Cariboo during winter as it was meant to be seen; away from the noise, traffic, and drear of the city! Just relax, tell us what you would most like to do, and let us do the work! If you can dream it, we can create it. 

Excursions include: snowmobile trips, dogsledding, and ATV races on frozen Green Lake. We also offer ice-fishing, cross country skiing and snow-shoeing, ice skating, and sleigh rides. 

Please contact us for more information on winter activities. 



Lacey Dawson, our office manager born in Newfoundland found her way to The Flying U Ranch after 15 years of traveling. She has worked on 5 star cruise lines for 6 years excelling in customer services and managing a private studio, during which she fell in love with adventure and travel. 

Lacey lived in South Africa and Mexico for 3 years then moved to Calgary to pursue her career as office manager. Three years later she went on a surfing trip to Tofino and fell in love with beautiful British Columbia's nature. A month later, she moved to Vancouver. Little did she know she would be working at The Flying U Ranch surrounded by the amazing Green Lake and all the nature she could ever hope for.

The dark starry nights. 40 acres of beautiful land, troublesome goats, cutest pigs, fantastic staff, she couldn't ask for more! Lacey's even learning how to horse back ride and falling in love with the experience, she thanks the Wranglers who taught her the beauty of horse backriding. She says she is also lucky to meet the amazing guests that come to the ranch: "We are so lucky to have such amazing people and experiences while we work on the ranch. It is one of the best perks of this job. We hope we make an impression on them. But know they make an impact on our lives!"


Chad McGuire came to the Flying U from Langley, British Columbia to work here in the Cariboo as one of our wranglers!

He heard about the opportunity from his good friend Steve, who serves here at the U as our Head Wrangler. Though Chad was born here in Canada, he spent a good portion of his childhood in Arizona, where he grew up working on various Cattle Ranches. It's safe to say that Chad has a ton of experience as a genuine country boy!

Chad's own horse, Merlin, is currently on the Ranch with Chad, and is a beautiful quarter horse/palomino.

Chad has fit in perfectly here at the Flying U and says his favourite things about the ranch are working with the wonderful horses and putting smiles on the faces of our guests. He just loves to make our customers happy! Keep up the great work, Chad!

JUNE 18, 2016

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