Flower Dedications in the Sanctuary & Chapel

We encourage you to honor a loved one or celebrate a special occasion by dedicating a floral arrangement to be used in our worship spaces on Sunday mornings.

The cost is $40 per arrangement and you may take the flowers home after worship or you may donate the flowers to the Deacons, who will deliver them to a shut-in or someone on our prayer list for that week.


Flower dedications and donations are the sole source of revenue for the floral arrangements used on Sunday in our worship spaces. If you do not have a specific date on which you would want to dedicate flowers, but you appreciate that these beautiful arrangements are in our worship space, please consider donating to the flower fund. This fund is used to pay for flowers on weeks when there are no specified dedications. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.


To make a dedication, fill out the form below, use the form in the church pews, or contact the church office (847-362-2174 or office@boxp.net).

Dedicate Flowers
Donate to the Flower Fund