JANUARY 2023 | VOL 1


In 2022, Florida Lions Eye bank continued its mission to serve the South Florida community and beyond. We provided eye tissue for over 1,075 transplant surgeries throughout the year, processed 1,844 orders of Serum Tears and Plasma Rich Growth Factors, and provided 693 tissues for ocular research. Finally, through the work of our pathology lab, we studied 4,916 specimens, including 125 globes and a wide variety of conjunctival, corneal, orbital, lid, and intraocular lesions.

Also, in 2022, Florida Lions Eye Bank received its first patent. The dual-chamber vial, created in collaboration with Dr. Alfonso Sabater, is a new device for storing human corneas before they're transplanted. We also filed a second patent pending approval for a new cornea injector to ease endothelial keratoplasty and improve surgical outcomes.

In 2022, Florida Lions Eye Bank continued its close association with the Eye Bank Association of America, or EBAA, with many staff members assuming leadership and committee roles. Founded in 1961 as the world's oldest transplant association, the EBAA is an internationally recognized standards-setting body for eye banks.


We are very proud of all the service we provided in 2022 to our Florida community and the eye banking community. We look forward to continuing and expanding our work in 2023! 



Beauty of Sight Board continued to provide significant funding to advance innovative research with the goal of treating and curing blindness. This included over $300,000 donated to research laboratories and funding for specific research projects studying cornea diseases. One research project focused on developing a better understanding of Salzmann nodular degeneration (SND), a progressive condition characterized by white or blue nodules on the cornea.

Through its Beauty of Sight Foundation, Florida Lions Eye Bank launched a Seed Campaign to support the remediation and preparation of the land that will serve as the site of Florida Lions Eye Bank’s new headquarters. The new facility, scheduled to be completed in 2025, will feature state-of-the-art laboratories for processing corneal tissue and Serum Tears and will include educational and research facilities to expand our impact on the ophthalmic community. In 2022, Beauty of Sight Foundation secured a matching gift pledge of 1 Million Dollars to kick off this project! 


Florida Lions Eye Bank, with the support of its foundation, Beauty of Sight, embarked on a multimedia advertising campaign to bring awareness of its eye banking services, proud history of research capabilities, and organizational excellence under the leadership of Florida Lions Eye Bank and Beauty of Sight's board of directors and management. This campaign will continue throughout 2023, highlighting the work of the eye bank and the Beauty of Sight projects.


Gustavo Soriano

In December 2022, Gustavo Soriano joined the Beauty of Sight Foundation team as its new Development Director. In this role, he combines his unique blend of non-profit and medical experience to oversee the organization's fundraising programs and initiatives. With a career spanning over 15 years, Mr. Soriano has held leadership positions inside several non-profit organizations working on healthcare and sustainable development in the United States and abroad. A Medical Doctor graduate from Universidad Evangélica de El Salvador, Mr. Soriano also holds an MS Degree in International Administration and Public Health from the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Miami.

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