November 1, 2021
The Florida Chamber political team continuously analyzes new voter registration trends, changes to House and Senate districts, and voter behavior as we work to recruit and elect pro-jobs candidates to secure Florida's future. Please share this report with your management team and send us a note if you have questions, perspectives, or recommendations. Florida is at a crossroads and we invite you to help us save it.
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Tools for Your Company's Political Strategy
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Florida: Behind the Numbers
The Florida Chamber's Exclusive, Interactive, and Customizable Voter File
New Florida Chamber Statewide Poll Shows Voters Believe Florida Heading in the Right Direction
The Big Picture: The latest Florida Chamber statewide poll shows likely Florida voters believe Florida is headed in the right direction, while recent public polls show less than a third of voters believe the country is headed in the right direction.

“Florida is moving in the right direction and we need to keep the momentum going,” said Florida Chamber President and CEO Mark Wilson. “As we just recently addressed Florida’s future at our Florida Chamber Foundation Annual Meeting and Future of Florida Forum, there’s no better time to unite the business community for good to ensure the right things continue to happen.”

Our new statewide issue poll shows nearly all Florida voters support Florida’s local businesses, with 92% of those polled expressing confidence in local businesses. From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Florida’s business community led the way in balancing safety protections for Floridians, with the need to keep our economy strong. Aided by the leadership exhibited by Governor DeSantis and over two-thirds of the Florida Legislature in providing COVID-19 liability protections to local businesses last session, Florida has outpaced the nation by creating over 1 million jobs since last March and 84,000 of the 192,000 jobs created nationwide last month. With nearly one thousand new residents moving to Florida each day, and far more expected by 2030, Florida still needs to create nearly 2 million jobs by 2030. Read more here.
Florida Chamber's Partisan Performance Index
The Florida Chamber’s Series on Redistricting: Palm Beach/Treasure Coast Region

The Breakdown: Florida is a state defined in large part by its coasts. A majority of Florida’s 67 counties border either the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico, including 8 of the state’s 10 most populous counties, and the Florida map is filled with regions named for its part of our state’s coastal landscape.

Of these coastal regions the Treasure Coast stands out as one of the more populated coastal regions of Florida, anchored at its southern end by Palm Beach County and tucked between the Space and Gold Coasts to its north and south. In certain respects this region acts as a buffer and transitional ground between its neighboring coastal regions, and U.S. Census Bureau’s decennial update for 2020 reflects this. The Treasure Coast region’s rate of population growth outpaced the slower rates seen in Broward and Miami-Dade to the south, while its northern neighbors in central Florida outpaced the Treasure Coast. Indeed the Treasure Coast region’s growth rate largely mirrored the statewide average, the 13.6 percent population increase of these four counties less than 1 percent off from Florida’s 14.6 percent growth rate as a state during the 2010s.

Left in a vacuum by itself this growth rate could well lead to a quiet redistricting process for the Treasure Coast, minimal deviation from the statewide average necessitating minimal change. However it is the previously mentioned neighboring regions to the Treasure Coast that will push and pull on this region’s existing district lines, the need to shed or gain population elsewhere setting up as a domino effect that’ll knock over the districts of the Treasure Coast in its fallout.

Read the entire report, as well as reports from other regions in Florida by clicking here or the image below.
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