Commercial & Industrial Interlocking Flooring
Floored by the growth of the cannabis industry
It’s an industry that has grown by leaps and bounds since we last mentioned it in our newsletter less than a year ago. And it’s a market where FreeStyle flooring products continue to be highly desirable.


Quick installation and portability are a couple of reasons. Most cannabis labs tend to be of the start-up variety. With our interlocking FreeStyle BioLock product, you have a product that can usually be self-installed in very short order with little or no down time.

As a flooring designed for labs, we pre-test BioLock for the chemicals you will be using in your lab. The flooring can also be seamless to prevent chemicals for literally seeping through.

Additionally, many cannabis labs use expensive electronic equipment for testing. Much of this equipment is automated. Controlling static electricity in the lab is critical. That’s why many cannabis labs have opted for our FreeStyle ESD interlocking tile. It has all the benefits of BioLock with static control capabilities.

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Daniela Osborne, Assistant Director of Operations
Daniela oversees supply logistics of StaticStop flooring products. With more than 10 years in ESD and commercial flooring, she provides first rate customer service with superior product knowledge and installation coordination.

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