December 20, 2023                 No. 48

To our LifeNets Supporters and Friends!

As the year ends, we cannot help reflecting on all that has happened in the last 12 months. Because of the nature of our work, we have shared in disturbing moments of calamity, despair and death or people caught in a war. We don't just sigh about how bad things are; we are there to help feed, clothe, provide medicine for the sick, and give encouragement to those overwhelmed with grief. We follow the Divine directives from Jesus Christ in Matthew 25.

I want to thank you for supporting the work of LifeNets, which is a safety net for those in need, but now have help.

In this edition of LifeLines, we feature some of the different kinds of projects we are engaging in, such as helping those who became homeless in the Kentucky Flood of July 2022, an orange-growing initiative in Zambia, and helping build a bomb shelter for an orphanage in Ukraine.

I was touched by the two "Thank You" certificates we received from two communities in Ukrainian war zones. They thank LifeNets for sending volunteers to help the elderly, women, and children while the men are on the front defending their country.

Credit goes to all of you for helping finance what we do. It is as if you are there delivering this aid in person. Thank you! I also want to express a big thank you to our board of directors who keep LifeNets up and running.

Our proactive projects continue to provide education through scholarships and the drilling of boreholes for life-sustaining water. But, there are many needs and we strive to meet them the best we can.

You can keep up to date with our work by going to where you will see reports of projects in progress or completion.

Again we thank you for your support. We appreciate those who have made recurring tax-exempt donations. This is most helpful in our planning of programs. Please visit our donation page.

We deeply appreciate your involvement in joining us to help others -- please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Thank you for your trust and for making LifeNets your charity of choice.

Again, we love and appreciate all of you!

President and Chairman

How to Effortlessly Double Your LifeNets Donation

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Many companies will match their employees' and retirees' charitable contributions. Check with your personnel office to see if your company will do so. They will provide the necessary forms and instructions. Thank you very much! Donations to LifeNets are tax-deductible in the United States.  

Update on Letcher County, KY Flood Relief

LifeNets partnered with businesses and ministries to help provide relief for Letcher County, Kentucky, residents who lost their homes in a catastrophic flood in July 2022. John Miller, President of Superb Industries in Sugarcreek, Ohio, asked us to assist in the fundraising efforts.

Through October of this year, we have helped provide aid for extra equipment for the Neon County police department, whose assets were destroyed. Also for repairing some homes for those who had to be evacuated. 

LifeNets has paid out a total of more than $42,000 raised specifically for hard-hit Letcher County, Kentucky.

Here are some photos of the damaged homes:

The rebuilding project with homes has been coordinated with Jeff Sim of Heritage Ministries, who wrote:

"October 2023
"We have been busy wrapping up our larger projects and are scheduling work on new ones. With winter approaching, we see the need to assist as many as possible with finishing the final details of their rebuilds. With the funds left, we will install floors, trim work, underpinning, appliances, and heat systems. Our ministry has also had other donations of household items and furniture, for which there is a continual need. We have been blessed with some wonderful work teams from Kentucky and the surrounding states; this week we look forward to working with our first Amish group from western Kentucky. Sometimes, God uses a tragedy to bring people closer to Him; He sends them people who repair homes plus restore hope and ways to deal with their health, depression, drug addictions, and the many other issues we see folks struggling with. We want to thank all those who have sent donations for this work.”
"In Christ we serve,
Jeff Sim"

Through Heritage Ministries, seven families have had their homes rebuilt and are now back in their dwellings.  

We want to thank all those who have sent donations for this work.

More Stories

"Thank You's from Two War Zones to LifeNets for Service

LifeNets Ukraine volunteers traveled from Western Ukraine to Donetsk and Kherson, where there has been heavy fighting, many casualties, and much civilian suffering. LifeNets received two "THANK YOU" certificates from the governments of those areas for their selfless volunteer work done to help the people. In Ukraine "LifeNets" is loosely translated as "Basis of Life." LifeNets volunteers came from the Sabbatarian "Salvation" Church in Khust.

"THANK YOU" to the Charitable Fund "The Basis of Life in Ukraine:"

The government of the city of Toretsk (in Donetsk) expresses sincere thanks for your help with medical supplies. With your help we had the means to treat and save lives of Ukrainians who were in a state of humanitarian crisis.

We wish you strong health and success in your deeds for the benefit of Ukraine. We are hopeful that you can help us as we work for the support and well-being of the Toretsk community.

Let's go on to victory together! Glory to Ukraine.

A "THANK YOU" is expressed to the Charitable Fund "The Basis of Life in Ukraine:"

For your active community stance, patriotism, open hearts, and substantial contribution to the help of the defenders of the Kherson province.

Glory to Ukraine

Glory to the heroes

Orange Tree Growing Project in Eastern Zambia

We have just received these photos from Filius Jere in Eastern Zambia showing more of the results of the 100 trees planted in 2020 that are coming to fruition. We thank our LifeNets donors for making such projects possible in this part of the world where people often suffer from hunger.


Helping Build a Bomb Shelter for Orphanage in Ukraine

We are partnering with World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine ( to provide a bomb shelter for a kindergarten and orphanage outside a major city. It is near a military base so we cannot disclose its location. They need a bomb/missile shelter for their 60 children. The nearest shelter is at least 500 meters away, which makes it unreal for them to evacuate all the children in a timely manner.

We came into contact with WRRU through Neal Kinsey of Kinsey Agricultural Services (, which does consulting and soil analysis around the world. In his work, Mr. Kinsey worked with Roman Grynyshyn, founder of WRRU, and that is how we connected. Neal Kinsey is also an elder in the United Church of God and lives in Southeastern Missouri.

2024 Calendar

This is our nicest calendar to date with photos representing some of our projects in the past year. You can page through the calendar here.

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