January 2024
A marathon is hundreds of miles. The finish is the last 26.2.
Author: Unknown 
What I love most about this quote is that is emphasizes the work that was accomplished by an individual prior to the actual event. In other words, preparing, planning, and acting are necessary elements to succeed in our life events—including practice transformation. When we first developed the foundation of Flip the Pharmacy (FtP) the with domains, progressions, and change packages, it was with the mindset that we are preparing... Click HERE to read the rest of the story.
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation
Flip the Pharmacy
How to Improve Cash Flow Now
with Your Sync Program
Last month, Flip the Pharmacy's Max My Sync Leaders and CPESN USA's Med Sync Experts Chelsea Anderson, Tiffany Capps, and Weston Humphreys hosted NCPA Rapid Relief Revenue session entitled, "How to Improve Cash Flow Now with Your Sync Program".

To access the webinar recording, click here.

You can also join the Max My Sync webinar series on Wednesdays (see below) to learn how to turn your med sync headache into an operational model that improves cash flow, engages your entire pharmacy staff, and frees up your staff to provide reimbursable pharmacy services.
January Lineup
Workflow Wednesday Webinars available to ALL pharmacies!

Flip the Pharmacy supports multiple learning channels that provide for the development of all pharmacy team members. These channels are collectively known as Workflow Wednesdays.

Click HERE or the image to access the registration links & January 2023 topics for each session!

Catch Up on Recent January Webinar Recordings and One-Pagers

Pharmacy Services Support Staff (PS3):
  • "Best Practices for Technicians to Bill a Clean Claim" Click Here for webinar. Click Here for one-pager.

Max My Sync:
  • "How To Guide for Calculating Med Sync KPIs" Click Here.
  • "Strategies for Growth - Setting Sync Goals" Click Here.

Best Practice Trends:
  • "Adherence vs Persistence - The Unique Interventions for Both" Click Here.

Access all of the past Workflow Wednesdays webinar recordings and one-pagers on the updated Content Library HERE.
Social Learning Communities for
the ENTIRE Pharmacy Staff
Get Connected with your Flip the Pharmacy Peers!

Pharmacy Services Support Staff (PS3):
This group was made FOR Pharmacy Services Support Staff BY Support Staff to learn and connect! Click HERE to join and engage with Support Staff Peers.
Max My Sync:
This group consists of Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacists, Owners, and Support Staff helping each other to grow and maximize our Med Sync and adherence programs! Click HERE to join and engage.
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