February 2024
As someone who is an avid weightlifter learning about muscle mass, how to keep tone, and increasing strength are of interest to me—this is especially true as I get older. My concern is losing muscle through disuse. Muscular atrophy is a real thing. By not participating in activities that use muscle power, wasting of muscle tissue will occur. In essence, to keep the muscle mass I have built up requires me to continue my resistance-based strength training and conditioning. This concept of muscle atrophy led me to explore... Click HERE to read the rest of the story.
Randy McDonough, PharmD, MS, BCGP, BCPS, FAPhA
Director of Practice Transformation
Flip the Pharmacy
Max My Sync Team Featured

CPESN Beacons Chelsea Anderson, Tiffany Capps, and Weston Humphreys -- co-hosts of the Flip the Pharmacy Max My Sync series -- are featured in the February 2024 issue of America's Pharmacist. in an article entitled, "Getting in Sync."

Click HERE for the Article.
Updated Change Packages

Leveraging the Appointment- Based Model

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Improving Patient Follow Up & Monitoring

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February Lineup
Workflow Wednesday Webinars available to ALL pharmacies!

Flip the Pharmacy supports multiple learning channels that provide for the development of all pharmacy team members. These channels are collectively known as Workflow Wednesdays.

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Pharmacy Services Support Staff (PS3):
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  • "Best Practices for Technicians to Bill a Clean Claim" Click Here for webinar. Click Here for one-pager.

Max My Sync:
  • "Addressing Patient Compliance" Click Here.
  • "How to Get Buy-In from Your Entire Team" Click Here.
  • "Training Your Team - Strategies and Considerations" Click Here.

Best Practice Trends:
  • "ECare Plan - New Resources and Standard" Click Here.

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Pharmacy Services Support Staff (PS3):
This group was made FOR Pharmacy Services Support Staff BY Support Staff to learn and connect! Click HERE to join and engage with Support Staff Peers.
Max My Sync:
This group consists of Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacists, Owners, and Support Staff helping each other to grow and maximize our Med Sync and adherence programs! Click HERE to join and engage.
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