August 2016
Why Aren't There 21st Century Flip Phones?
It's becoming harder and harder for most smartphone makers to make a profit on the devices. This leaves smartphone makers with no viable short term way to boost sales or their bottom lines - except maybe by creating demand for a new generation of premium-priced, or at least higher-margin flip phones. Going retro may be the way to go. Learn more.  
The Digital Content Economy's AI Revolution 
The rapid advance of artificial intelligence (AI) is radically transforming the digital content economy. From music, video and photography, artificial intelligence (specifically machine learning) is playing an increasingly critical role in learning about customer habits and serving them up content recommendations. Now, it's not simply about who has the rights to content, but who can build a system smart enough to anticipate the desires of millions of users. Learn more. 
The Future of Broadcast TV? It's Personal
Linear TV is as it's been since its inception: one size fits all. But that's changing. Research is underway on a new broadcast method that can deliver personalized, data-rich media experiences. Dubbed object-based broadcasting (OBB), the technology takes the constituent parts of a traditional linear broadcast  (audio, video, vocal tracks, graphics, etc.) and sends them as discrete packages along with metadata to describe how these pieces should interact. Learn more.
Case Study:
Collecting Royalties on Technology Patents

A Fortune 500 company has an extensive portfolio of technology patents for digital products found in the consumer electronics, medical and defense industries. The standard market research provided by most research firms fell short of the company's precise research needs. In fact, such "cookie cutter" research painted an inaccurate picture of patent-value. The company required detailed market intelligence to help royalty-collection efforts. Download case study.
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