Dallas attorneys Doug Fletcher, Steve Springer and Brent Miles from the firm of Fletcher Farley Shipman & Salinas, LLP recently obtained a defense verdict in Dallas County after a two week jury trial. The Plaintiff, represented by the Law Offices of Frank Branson, had suffered severe burns due to an electrical explosion on property managed by Fletcher Farley’s client, the apartment management company. Plaintiff alleged that he incurred a traumatic brain injury and sought recovery for alleged lifetime cognitive and emotional damages due to the incident. The existence of a traumatic brain injury was a key issue and the defense argued that there was no medical evidence of a traumatic brain injury other than the Plaintiff’s own statement to physicians. The defense also argued that the Plaintiff himself had caused the incident as a result of attempting to hook up a modified extension cord supplied to the Plaintiff by Defendant’s employee, to a breaker box. The case was tried before a jury in the 95th Judicial District Court, Dallas County, Judge Monica Purdy. The jury found that the Plaintiff’s own actions were the proximate cause of the incident basis of suit, resulting in a take-nothing verdict. The jury found that the Plaintiff had not incurred a traumatic brain injury and thus awarded only damages resulting from the burns to the Plaintiff’s hands. Importantly, this was one of only two significant defense verdicts in Dallas County in the past four years. Dallas County has rapidly become known as a place for potential nuclear verdicts. Fletcher Farley is pleased to report this excellent result.

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