Networking for Senior Leaders

It's easy to become complacent around networking, especially when you're busy. And for senior executives, networking isn't the same as when you first started. The Challenges of Networking as an Executive offers six common hurdles and how to overcome them.


Getting Unstuck with Your Career Pivot

I'm working with two clients who are thinking about making a career transition but get in their own way of taking steps toward their goal. Art Petty offers some practical ways to reframe your thinking and get moving toward change. My favorite take-away was the "hop, skip and jump" approach.


Removing Toxic Leaders

If you've ever worked for a toxic boss, you know first-hand how draining it is. As a life-long Washington football fan, who was disenfranchised over the last many years under Dan Snyder's ownership, I particularly appreciate Scott Eblin's post on removing toxic leaders.

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Courageous Conversations

Many of my clients struggle with how to have difficult conversations. Don't we all? In a recent Resilient Leader podcast episode, the hosts offer some strategies for facing these conversations with courage and conviction.


Leaving a Bad Job

Why is it so hard to leave a job where we're not happy? If you're in this boat, you may gain insights from this HBR article with five common reasons it's hard to leave and strategies for moving on.


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