Five Ohio Information Technology Centers Collaborate

to Strengthen Statewide IT Services


In a groundbreaking move, five of Ohio's leading Information Technology Centers (ITCs) have joined forces to enhance technology services for schools, agencies, and communities across the state. The partnership aims to foster collaboration, improve efficiency, and provide robust support to Ohio's education community.

The ITCs participating in the Information Technology Center Cooperative Partner Services Agreement include: 

1. Connect

2. Licking Area Computer Association (LACA)

3. Northern Ohio Educational Computer Association (NOECA)

4. Ohio Mid-Eastern Regional Education Service Agency (OME-RESA)

5. Tri-County Computer Service Association (TCCSA)

These ITCs serve students in public school districts, career centers, community schools, and private schools. As non-profit public agencies created by the Ohio legislature, they have been at the forefront of providing essential technology infrastructure for over four decades.

Key services offered by the ITCs include internet connectivity and network management; Fiscal systems tailor-made for K-12; INFOhio electronic resources and library software; Student Information Systems; and EMIS services for state reporting.

The collaboration among these ITCs will further strengthen Ohio's position as a technology hub. Their robust infrastructure, combined with a talented workforce, makes central Ohio an ideal location for data centers and other technology-related ventures.

This partnership represents a significant step forward in advancing educational technology across the state. By pooling resources and expertise, these ITCs are committed to supporting Ohio's learners, teachers, and leaders in their pursuit of excellence.

For more information about the ITCs' services and initiatives, visit their respective websites:

Information Technology Centers:

The Information Technology Centers (ITCs) are non-profit public agencies that collaborate as the Ohio Education Computer Network. They provide critical IT services to Ohio's PreK-12 education community, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and communities. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, they play a vital role in shaping Ohio's technological landscape. Additional information on the Management Council of the OECN can be found at:
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