Five resources to address five issues that my clients are facing--and you may be too. Enjoy.
Being a Better Leader
This HBR article offers interesting research around how leaders can think about leadership as a series of small actions.

Developing an Executive Voice
An executive voice helps you show up more strategically. Learn more from this HBR article: To Sound Like a Leader, Think About What You Say, and How and When You Say It.
Conducting 1-on-1 Meetings
One-on-ones are essential for building a strong team culture and for enhancing employee engagement. My go-to resource on the topic is from Art Petty: How to Unlock the Value from Your One-on-One Sessions.
Being Good Enough
If you fall victim to the perfectionist trap, check out Adam Grant's recent podcast, Breaking up with Perfectionism. "Ultimately, success is less about how close you've come to perfection and more about the struggles you've managed to overcome." 
Managing Mid-Year Reviews
If you're already dreading mid-year reviews, perhaps it's time to update your approach using ideas from 5 ways to make the most of midyear reviews.
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