It's the time of year for giving - and for receiving, of course! We hope you've enjoyed our newsletters throughout this year. We thank all the Hoffman Graduates who have shared their inspiring stories with us. If you have something to celebrate, please let us know so that we can share it with everyone in 2017.
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Sing in harmony


Evelyne Thomas
Do you find yourself playing different roles depending who you're with, whether it's at work, with friends, family or even with your partner? What would life be like if you could be who you're meant to be with no worries about being unmasked, no fears of being a disappointment or letting others down?

Identifying the roles we adopt in childhood can be key to changing behaviour patterns, so that we set ourselves free to express ourselves more authentically. In our latest Hoffman graduate feature, psychotherapist Evelyne Thomas reveals the steps we unconsciously make in our relationship dances and how we can change the tune to one of joy and harmony.

Use Evelyne's checklist to identify your roles and how to tackle them here

Give your kids a gift


Parenting image
NEW As a result of Hoffman graduate feedback and vision, we are thrilled to announce the first in a series of Parenting Workshops for 2017.
Created and taught by Supervising Hoffman Teacher Eliza Meredith and Hoffman graduate and parenting coach Michelle Matthews, Foundations In Parenting will be open to both Hoffman graduates and non-graduates. Join us as we explore effective parenting tools for modern times.  

Saturday 25 February 2017
Parents with children aged 12 & under 
Sunday 26 February 2017
Parents with children aged 13 & over   

These workshops will be available to book in mid-December.

Express yourself


We salute the creativity of Hoffman graduate Anoushka Beazley,  as she celebrates the launch of her debut novel, The Good Enough Mother. This black comedy about a spurned mother is a gloriously dark satire on love and motherhood. 
Anoushka did the Process at Florence House in 2012, and all her hard work and  determination  has paid off as she has just been included in Red magazine's Recommended Christmas Gift Guide. 
Anoushka studied film at the University of Kent and spent six years as an actress before taking an MA in creative writing. Speaking about her experience on the Process, she says;  
'It was like nothing I'd ever encountered before. It's not a quick fix, but it is a way to live separately from the pain of old wounds.'
Whether you're a good enough mother or not, find time to buy a copy of Anoushka's book on her website  here, or read an excerpt from it here.  

Treat yourself 

Looking for some pre-Christmas de-stress and to have some fun?! Leave all your shopping, decorating and recipe books behind and come and spend a day Reconnecting to the Hoffman tools and then follow it by joining lots of us at our Christmas Party gathering with some games and (shh) a bit of Hoffman magic..

Click here for information about Reconnection Day & to book

Click here for information about the Graduate Christmas party & to book 

Share the magic

He may now have stepped down as editor of Attitude magazine, but that doesn't stop Hoffman graduate, writer and author Matthew Todd from continuing to win editorial accolades. Matthew's final issue, which featured an interview with Prince William, has recently won 'Scoop of the Year' at the British Society of Magazine Editor Awards.

Matthew has previously spoken about the Process in Attitude, saying, 
"The most powerful single thing that I did in my ongoing journey of recovery. It was emotional and magical.

Read Matthew's full article on our website here
We also recommend Matthew's new book, 

Hoffman Graduate calendar

Celebrating Closure Closure at Florence House
Thursday 8 December  
Thursday 15 December
Florence House, Seaford, 5.00pm 
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Hoffman Led Support Groups Brighton Support Group
Tuesday 6 December   
Led by Hoffman teacher Sam Cotton
Angel House, Brighton, 7.00pm
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Reconnection Day Reconnection Day, London
Saturday 10 December
Artworkers' Guild, London, 9.00am 
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Hoffman Christmas Christmas Party, London
Saturday 10 December
Battersea Yoga Centre, London, 7.00pm 
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Q2_ 3 Day Refresher Q2: Our 3-day Mini Process 
13-15 January
Finally hit the nail on the head at Florence House 
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