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Heli Fishing

Week 7

It was our first week of the second season of the helifishing program. We had the pleasure of hosting our friends Helmut and Vaidas, both repeats, who shared a good time and have been fishing with both us and Marcelo Perez. We had the chance to fish the headwaters of several of the rivers in our basin, with good results despite the rains on the last day of fishing. We had good catches of dorados and pacú, but without a doubt one of the most remarkable things has been the catching of pacú and yatoranas on dry flies. We also witnessed a good run of migratory fish which—although not surprising—is always fascinating to watch.


Week 7

Week number seven is done, and what an incredible time we've had! With optimal water and air conditions, a massive run of sabalo arrived into the system, in addition to the run that is already in the upper section. Anglers found and caught many dorado in every beat, from the lower beat all the way up to the camp. Conditions were perfect for streamers, long leaders, and floating lines although we did land dorado in the pools with intermediate tip lines as well.

The camp didn't disappoint at all. We found dorado sitting in the shallow riffles and cruising in schools looking for sabalo, which gave the anglers a lot of opportunities, and we landed several good fish. The pacú also showed up at the end of the week when a storm hit and the wind blew hard, dropping flowers, fruits, nuts, and leaves all over the pools. The team made the most of it, landing three very nice pacú.


Week 7

On the seventh week of the season at Pluma Lodge, we hosted six anglers from the United States. Weather conditions were exceptional, with crystal-clear water in both the Pluma and Sécure Rivers, giving us many chances to sight cast to dorado, as well as pacú catches.

Despite the rain and temperature dropping on Thursday, all the crew got their trophy, including a dorado topping 37 inches.

Agua Negra

Week 7

This week we were visited by four great fishermen and nature lovers, including Stain and Hilde who crossed the world from Norway to get to know and enjoy the Bolivian jungle. Also joining us were Nicolas, a young Argentine angler who loves fishing, and Tom, a very good fisherman from Costa Rica. 

The fishing was very good throughout the week in all the rivers and the weather was also quite comfortable. We had only one rain the day before the last, which dirtied the main river so we had to fish only the tributaries on the last day of the week. We managed to capture many dorado over 14 lbs. and two over 20 lbs., six pacú, several yatoranas, and a surubi on fly!

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