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First-of-its-Kind Digital Valves
New platform replaces up to 50 different
pneumatic and mechanical components
The Motion Terminal VTEM is the first standardized platform on the market worldwide whose valves are controlled by Motion Apps. With VTEM, you get your pneumatics system fit for Industry 4.0 when it comes to motion, pressure, and flow control.
The key to understanding the power of the revolutionary Festo VTEM Motion Terminal is the platform's first-of-its-kind digital valves. The Festo VTEM Motion Terminal with apps can replace over 50 individual components. The latest developments in piezo technology and software have made this possible.

Kassow Robots Case Studies
Examples throughout sectors and industries
Our collection of case studies illustrate the concrete advantages of Kassow Robots for companies. They provide higher productivity while providing relief for employees who are faced with physically demanding and/or repetitive tasks. With its long reach, strength and speed, companies can tap into this all-rounder to be applied throughout all sectors.

Checkout our interesting case studies featuring our customer partners utilizing Kassow Robots in a variety of industrial uses. 

Read Case Studies including: CNC, Gluing and Labeling applications. Or watch application videos covering: Metal Work, Filling/Dosing, Pick & Place, CNC and more…

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WebLytics Software
Remote production monitoring and diagnostics
Quickly enhance robot cell productivity and minimize downtime with OnRobot WebLytics software. This industry-first software tool provides real-time, application-focused data for production monitoring, device diagnostics, and data analytics. WebLytics automatically collects, analyzes, and reports on collaborative applications, including data from any OnRobot tool and any leading cobot or light industrial robot. 
Gain actionable insights into collaborative application performance, including the impact of changes such as robot speed or gripper setting adjustments. Drive overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) with configurable KPIs and customizable dashboards to track real-time and trend data.

smartPRINTER for Terminal Block Marking
Marking for a streamlined control cabinet
With perfectly tuned hardware and software, WAGO offers high-performance, individual marking solutions for terminal blocks, cables/conductors and devices.

WAGO Marking Software Smart Script
With its intuitive operation, this clearly structured marking software is suitable for all WAGO markers. Eliminate duplicated effort and simply export data from Excel or CAE systems for marking your terminal strips.

Generate Marking Data from the Configurator
Save time and reduce your costs by printing markings directly from WAGO's Smart Designer Configurator on the economical Thermal Transfer Smart Printer. Configured terminal strips can be printed with just a few mouse clicks.

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