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First Week of Moose, Excellent!


Moose Hunt


Moose HuntingOur opening week of moose was excellent. We hosted 15 hunters and there was 13 strong opportunities, with 11 moose taken. 2 opportunities were lost at close range. That comes to a ratio of 86% success. The largest moose was a monstrous 65.25" and several were in the 50's. Another moose estimated at 60"+ was missed. We may have hit 100% but terrible, windy weather moved into the area the last 3 days making hunting much more difficult. The weather carried into the second week but has now cleared and hunting is doing well. We also have ANOTHER monster 64" bull on the ground. That's a 65 and 64 in the same season !


2020 Moose Hunts Still Available

Moose Hunting



Hard to believe but we still have some 2020 moose hunts available. The CSAH moose hunt is one of North America‚Äôs finest, with our exclusive 5,500,000 acre area and numerous lakes and rivers we have just begun to explore. In 2019 we opened some new, never-before-hunted areas and will continue that in 2020. If you are looking for a prime area, for a big Canadian bull moose,  this is the hunt.

Moose Hunting


Our average spread is 54", almost every year we take bulls over 60" and our largest was a monster 66" that scored high in B & C. It will be interesting to see how the 2019 65.25" and 64" end up in B&C scoring.





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