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First Tee Life Skills

7-9 I'm a Good Sport:

Being a Team Player

Winning is fun, isn’t it? It feels good to celebrate an achievement or a victory! But, is winning the most important thing?


“It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; it’s how you play the game.” 

Being a good sport and demonstrating sportsmanship is an important part of Collaborating with Others. We know that our personal attitudes and how we treat others have an impact. When you are being a good sport, you are:


* Congratulating somebody when they do a good job

* Being honest and not cheating

* Being kind and not name-calling

* Giving positive feedback to your teammates and fellow players

* Learning how to listen to feedback from others without getting upset

* Showing respect to your fellow players

* Having a positive attitude even when you lose

* Not bragging if you win the competition

* Understanding how the other person is feeling if they did not win

* Accepting the results if you lose

* Not giving up when you’re losing the game

* Shaking hands with your teammates, no matter the outcome 

It’s normal to feel disappointed if you don’t win, but it’s not OK to be rude or disrespectful to others because of it. A good sport understands the importance of playing fair, following the rules, and respecting your fellow players.

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TGF Junior Playing Series

Playing Series is an on course program that is designed to help juniors take their skills to the course in a wide variety of situations. We’ll cover course strategy, shot selection and how to build a great pre-shot routine. We’ll discuss how successful players develop a positive, confident mindset in all areas of their game. Common rules situations will also be covered.


Grades 5th-9th

-Players must have some golf experience 

and basic understanding of the Rules of Golf

-Players must be able to carry/push bag

(no golf carts will be allowed)


$30 per session

Schedule (All Classes @ Pine Oaks): 

April 27th -- 8:00-9:30 am

May 11th -- 8:00-9:30 am

May 25th -- 8:00-9:30 am

Program Lead Instructor:

Jeremy Beachner, PGA

Each class is limited to 8 players. 

Must register for each session separately.

Call 423-747-4974 for more information

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First Tee Fundamentals:

Target Selection

Target selection in golf involves considering several factors to reach the best outcome for a shot. Here are some areas to focus on...

1. Course Layout: Understand the layout, noting fairway width, hazards, and hole shape to identify safe landing areas.

2. Player's Strengths: Consider your accuracy, distance, and shot-shaping skills to align targets with your strengths and minimize risk.

3. Environmental Conditions: Adjust for wind, temperature, and moisture on the course which impact ball flight and how the ball reacts when it lands.

4. Distance: Based on the above factors, choose the right club and swing length to reach the target.

By considering these elements, golfers can make informed decisions that can help to produce successful shots on the course!

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