March 10, 2023

First Shipment of Relief Heads to Turkey

"Coincidences" seem to be a common occurrence around Midwest Mission, where the right items seem to show up at the right time in the right way. We call these "coincidences", "God Moments." Moments where it seems God has perfectly orchestrated materials or situations or people in His perfect timing.

We recently experienced a "God Moment" at Midwest Mission within the devastation in Turkey and Syria. 

We watched as the earthquakes devastated the two countries, and waited to see if we would be called on to send disaster relief.

When a disaster strikes, we do not automatically begin sending items... we wait for a call from a partner. This is because we never want to cause more chaos in their crisis, and we never want to assume what they need.

After the earthquake, David Fowler, a Springfield Rotarian and Executive Director of Computer Banc, brought to our attention a donation they had received and they wanted to get to Turkey. Baja Bridges, an organization out of California, donated roughly $500,000 worth of Meals, Ready to Eat (MREs), a totally self-contained complete meal designed for Military use. Rotary knew these meals would be a great solution for those who were in desperate need of food and nutrients, and they knew Midwest Mission would be a great avenue for these meals to go through.

But, at that moment, we didn't have a route to get the meals into Turkey. 

About an hour later, Brad Walton, Midwest Mission Operations Manager, called Inna Razmady, North Star Foundation Executive Director, to coordinate the details of their March 16 Ukraine shipment. While talking, she mentioned her and her sister were out in Boston collecting supplies for Turkey. She said her sister Dina married a man from Turkey and they had a contact through the Turkish consulate to get supplies into the country.

Within an hour, Midwest Mission and Springfield Rotary had a way to get the meals into Turkey. Plans were quickly made to get pallets of MREs from Arizona to Midwest Mission.

What. A. God. Moment. 

We had the supplies, and we knew where they needed to go, but only God knew how they were going to get there. 

Originally, the supplies were going to be flown to Turkey from the O’Hare airport, but as plans continued to develop, there was an even better solution. 

We have been working with North Star Foundation to get supplies into Ukraine for about a year. We have sent eight shipments so far. The supplies reach a port in Poland, where they are split up among different humanitarian aid organizations, and distributed to different people - some to Ukrainian refugees in Poland, others to Ukrainians on the front lines of the war. They have a well-functioning distribution center right there in Poland. 

So, it was decided that the supplies for Turkey would take a similar route. The container would arrive in Poland, and supplies would be driven from there to Turkey. 

This opened up a lot of opportunities - one shipment from Midwest Mission could impact people in Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, and Syria. Instead of just helping one group of people, supplies could be driven to all sorts of people based on the need. 

The organizations receiving the shipments are able to distribute supplies as they know is best. We are thankful to be able to contribute.

The first shipment of disaster relief left Midwest Mission on Friday, March 10.

The shipment contained 24,027 MREs

Value: $40,845.90

Inna later mentioned to Brad that one of the top needs was basic hygiene items. They had collected supplies, but they had requested sizes to be more uniform and the different items be put in one bag to pass out to individuals. 

Brad laughed at her comment, because that is exactly what the Midwest Mission Personal Dignity Kit is, and why the kits are always ready for when a disaster hits. 

Although the first shipment will contain solely MREs, Midwest Mission will fill future containers with Personal Dignity Kits. Each kit contains shampoo, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bar of soap, a hand towel, a washcloth, deodorant, and a razor.

Your donations, volunteer hours, and prayer have allowed us to quickly respond to the call.

Through all of the destruction and chaos, we look for how God is working, and rely on the Spirit to guide us into action.

What “God moments” have you witnessed recently?

Fighting Hunger in Haiti - From Farms in Illinois

Recently, Midwest Mission was connected with a group of farmers out of Greenville, IL whose mission is to use their resources to give to people in need. 

All together, there are 20 acres of non-GMO corn that they farm specifically to give to organizations. What they don’t give away, they sell to cover the cost of seeds for next year’s crops.

Initially when we heard about the project, we were intrigued and amazed by the mission, but didn’t know how exactly we could use corn…we have never received a corn donation before. 

But, about a week before, Food For The Poor, our international partner who serves Latin American and Caribbean countries, told us their countries really need more food. So, Brad Walton, Midwest Mission Operations Manager, reached out to them about the corn. 

Food For The Poor’s partners in Haiti welcomed the donation. They would be able to mill it there, and feed a lot of people. 

So, Ramon Ortiz, Operations Specialist, drove down to Greenville, IL to meet with the farmers and load the 33,600 lbs of corn

God had His hand in this (as He always does). For months, Food For The Poor has been unable to ship into the ports in Haiti because of the civil unrest. This has prevented them from getting necessary supplies to people who need it - and people are going hungry. 

This shipment will be the first shipment Food For The Poor has sent to Haiti since the ports have opened back up. We are elated to be a part of getting food to people who need it - now more than ever. 

On Thursday, March 9, the shipment of corn was loaded at Midwest Mission, and the container headed off to Port au Prince, Haiti. 

The shipment of 33,600 lbs of non-GMO corn was valued at $57,120.00.

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Prayers to Lift Up

This week, please pray for the shipment that left Midwest Mission and is heading to Turkey. Pray that it will arrive on time, and that the materials inside will bless those who receive them. Pray that God will work in the lives of every person our items reach.

"Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always"

1 Chronicles 16:11

Midwest Mission Weekly Projects

Work of the Mission Volunteers

Projects completed

  • 1050 Personal Dignity Kits
  • 22 Bed Packs
  • 20 Layette Kits
  • 30 Student Kits

Other work done

  • Bikes repaired
  • 19 Electric sewing machines repaired
  • Desks built, polyurethaned
  • Cleaning
  • Counting into inventory


  • Home Sweet Home Sober, Springfield, IL: 1 bike Value: $90.00
  • CICIM, Decatur, IL: Redirect cleaning supplies, furniture, coffee filters, and stacking chairs Value: $4,206.00
  • Baja Bridges, Mexico: Redirect fire equipment Value: $1,064.00
  • North Star Foundation, Turkey: See story above
  • Food For The Poor, Haiti: See story above

Midwest Mission is able to do this work because of your generous donations and willingness to volunteer. Thank you!

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