Dear Friends,
Happy Spring! As I began writing this quarterly update it was snowing outside - not the April weather I had hoped for - although fortunately now it seems like we may have turned a corner.  

In January, I added two new committee assignments. I joined the Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery, shortly before we held a public hearing on Governor Baker's proposed CARE Act, which seeks to address the state's opioid and heroin epidemic by increasing access to treatment and recovery services, while strengthening education and prevention efforts. This bill builds on the 2016 opioid law that was unanimously supported in the legislature. The Minority Leader also designated me as his designee to the Special Commission charged with investigating ways to increase access and interoperability of data collected by the Department of Public Health to address healthcare inequality in the Commonwealth.

Project 351 Service Hero
Project 351 celebrates the power of young people as a force for positive change. Each year a new class of diverse 8th graders from all 351 cities and towns are chosen as Ambassadors and attend an Annual Launch & Service Day event at the JFK Library, where they are organized into their Service Hero teams. Each of the 45, year-long, Service Hero teams are represented by a Service Hero and I was honored to be chosen as the 1st annual Legislative Service Hero and partnered with my first year Project 351 Ambassador from 2015 in Westborough Abigail McLucas. I am so excited to be part of the year of service for Jack, Molly, Carter, Ruby, Lilly and Sasha who hail from around the Commonwealth (pictured below). Sasha Wilkinson is Westborough's Ambassador and Alina Shkurikhina is Shrewsbury's Ambassador and a member of another Service Hero team.

My Service Hero write-up gives credit to another Project 351 Service Hero, Governor Paul Cellucci, for inspiring my career in public service, and my friend Jan Cellucci and her granddaughter Frankie were on-hand this year like all others to see Paul honored as well.The ceremony also featured a tribute to one of the Service Heroes, Martin Richard, who would have been in 8th grade this year had he not been killed in the Boston Marathon bombings, and his best friend was there to accept what would have been Martin's Project 351 t-shirt.

I cannot say enough positive remarks about Project 351 and its amazing leader Carolyn Casey, and this year I am continuing to work to raise the profile among my colleagues by co-hosting my 2nd briefing about this inspiring organization that highlights the power of our young people to make positive change in their own communities. In Westborough, Project 351 Ambassadors past and present helped collect, sort and donate 300 bags of quality clothing last weekend - one of the 3 top performing service drives in the state!

Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services Harry S. Cutting Jr. Award
I was also very humbled in January to receive the Harry S. Cutting, Jr. Award from Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services, which recognizes outstanding commitment and contributions, embody the spirit of giving, community service and support for the Shrewsbury community. I love our community and I am grateful each day for the opportunity to play a small role in supporting all those who call it home . My family has always impressed upon me the value of helping others, and Jim and I hope our children are learning the same from us, and I was so happy to have my family with me at the breakfast, along with friends, colleagues and collaborators! I am so grateful to the SYFS Board for this honor and to Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito and SYFS Board Vice-Chair Melissa Pride-Fahs for their generous and kind words at the breakfast.

Massachusetts Recreation and Parks Association Legislator of the Year Award
Angela Snell, Shrewsbury's Director of Parks, Recreation and Cemetery, and Alan Grady, the former Westborough Recreation Director, nominated me for Massachusetts Recreation and Park Association's Legislator of the Year Award and I was honored to accept the award in March with Angela at the MRPA State Conference on Cape Cod. Recognizing that Massachusetts is one of the most population dense states in the country, yet rich with natural beauty, historic sites and four season recreational opportunities, I am keenly aware of my responsibility as a legislator and community member to be a strong caretaker of these rich resources. I am grateful to Angela and Alan for the nomination and Shrewsbury is blessed to have Angela serving our community!

Legislative/Beacon Hill Update

In early February, the Joint Committees were required to act on the legislation pending before their committees. I am pleased that several of the bills still remaining in committee that I filed this session were reported out favorably and I am now working to get the bills brought to the House floor to continue working their way through the legislative process. The bills include:
  • H1180, An Act prohibiting the sale of electronic cigarettes to persons under the age of 18
  • H2046 An Act to allow for school districts to collect a fee associated with nonresident pupil transportation
  • H1949 An Act relative to protecting municipalities from unfunded mandates
  • H3327 An Act encouraging the donation of food to persons in need
  • H407 An Act protecting dogs at boarding kennels and daycare facilities
The House is in formal session until the end of July, and much work remains to take up important legislation that is pending before us, and this week the House is debating the $41.44 billion proposed FY19 budget.

Housing Bond Bill
In January the House passed a comprehensive housing bond bill that will provide $1.7 billion in additional capital authorizations for the rehabilitation and modernization of public housing units across the state while also promoting more affordable housing opportunities for Massachusetts residents.

Municipal Early Voting Costs Appropriation
The House approved more than $1 million in funding to reimburse cities and towns for the costs associated with implementing the state's early voting law. Approved by the Legislature in 2014, the early voting law was first implemented for the November 2016 state election. The mandated costs associated with the state's early voting law totaled $7,127.23 for Shrewsbury and $7,011.50 for Westborough.

Alzheimer's and Dementia
Alzheimer's disease and dementia touches the lives of so many families, but most people are unaware  of the full range of services available to patients and their caregivers. House bill 4116, which calls for expanding clinical research, training, treatment, and care for individuals suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive impairments in Massachusetts, unanimously passed the House. The bill also establishes an advisory council that will focus on the research and treatment of Alzheimer's disease, which is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States, as one out of every three seniors die with Alzheimer's or another dementia.
Consumer Credit Report Protections
This legislation enhances consumer protections for Massachusetts residents when dealing with credit reporting agencies and potential data breaches, it eliminates fees associated with freezing a credit report and makes it easier for consumers to protect their credit rating. This bill comes after the 2017 Equifax data breach that left at least 3 million Massachusetts residents affected by the breach and may be vulnerable to identity theft.

Protecting Access to Confidential Healthcare (PATCH Act)
S2296, sometimes referred to as the PATCH Act, closed a loophole in health care privacy laws that allowed sensitive health information of a spouse or adult child to be inadvertently shared with the primary subscriber of a health plan. This bill closed the loophole in the Division of Insurance regulations that now prevents that from happening. This bill does not change Massachusetts minor consent laws, nor does it change parents' access to information about their minor child's health care.

House Policies Strengthening Protections Against Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
There has been a litany of stories out of the State House relative to sexual harassment over the past number of months as part of the #metoo movement and in the wake of the public story about the now former Senate President Rosenberg's husband. The House undertook a review of its policies and developed new rules that set uniform standard and procedures for reporting, investigating, and punishing incidents of harassment at the State House, while providing a guarantee of confidentiality for those who report violations and implementing safeguards, so they will not be subject to retaliation by their accusers. The rules changes, which apply to all of the House's elected members, appointed officers, employees and interns, were unanimously approved on March 15th.

In March, I was a guest, along with former Attorney General Martha Coakley, on Greater Boston with host Jim Braude to discuss the proposed changes in the House to Representatives to prevent sexual harassment, ensure thorough and confidential investigations and appropriate disciplinary measures. You can watch the clip  here .

Regulating Short-Terms Rentals (aka Airbnb bill)
While the House approved a bill regulating and taxing short-term rentals, I voted against the bill as I thought it was a bureaucratic nightmare that is way more complicated, onerous and burdensome than it needs to be. Rather than taxing short-term rentals uniformly, and at the same rates as more traditional hospitality venues, H4327 established three distinct "host" definitions, each taxed at a different state excise tax rate, and each subject to a different local excise tax rate. The Senate passed a bill that structured the regulations in a different way, necessitating a conference committee to work out a compromise bill for each chamber to consider if agreement can be reached.

Criminal Justice Reform
The House and Senate both passed on April 4th and the Governor has since signed a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill that strengthens the state's opioid laws, makes it a felony to assault a police officer, and creates a statewide database for tracking sexual assault evidence kits. The omnibus legislation represents a compromise between two earlier versions of the crime bill passed by both legislative branches last fall.

Shrewsbury and Westborough to Receive Road and Bridge Funding
The House passed in early April a $200 million bond authorization for local road and bridge repairs under the state's Chapter 90 program. Shrewsbury is scheduled to receive $986,356 and Westborough $789,634 that will help both communities address some of their most pressing transportation infrastructure needs. The bill is now in a conference committee and will hopefully be released soon so that municipalities can put their projects out to bid and take advantage of the full construction season.
Special Visitors! Shrewsbury Boys High School Hockey Div. 3 State Champs Visit Beacon Hill
On March 18th, Jim, Patrick and I traveled to TD Garden to watch Shrewsbury Boys Hockey team win the Division 3 state championship game for the second year in a row! It was an exciting game and I was thrilled that the team could visit Governor Baker, Lt. Governor Polito, Senator Moore and I at the State House to celebrate their great team effort with a tour, lots of pictures and a pizza party that Senator Moore and I hosted.

Local Legislation

Shrewsbury Home Rule Petition Filed for Glavin Center Property
Senator Moore and I co-filed legislation pursuant to an official request from the Town of Shrewsbury during a Special Town Meeting vote on January 17, 2018, that requests that the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance convey the parcels of land that currently comprise the Irving A. Glavin Center on Lake Street, to the Town of Shrewsbury and the Shrewsbury Youth Soccer Association for purposes of open space and recreation, and for restricted use for general municipal purposes. The site is currently one of two being considered to site a new K-4 school that the town expects to bring forward for a vote next fall. The bill is currently in House Ways and Means and I am working to get it brought to the House floor soon for a vote, before sending it over to the Senate.

Lake Quinsigamond Commission Bill Signed into Law
Governor Baker signed into law clarifications of the Lake Quinsigamond Commission's authority to manage environmental and safety matters relative to Lake Quinsigamond and its watershed, and it also expands where the Commission may hold its public meetings thereby increasing accessibility and community involvement. The Commission, originally established in 1916, has a long history of preserving and expanding the vibrancy of this aquatic resource and this legislation will help them ensure the Lake's overall sustainability.

Westborough BORO Program Legislation Signed into Law
Representatives Carolyn Dykema, Danielle Gregoire and I co-filed H3992, An Act relative to establishment of a revolving fund for a school learning lab within a vocational-technical program offered by the Town of Westborough Public Schools. The home rule petition would allow Westborough to establish a school learning lab training site which constitutes an "in district" program, in the form of a candy shop, called "The Sugar Shack". The legislation, which authorizes a revolving fund, was signed by the Governor into law in early March.

Westborough Capital Stabilization Fund Passed into Law
The Town of Westborough requested the special legislation to establish a capital stabilization fund that will allow Westborough to direct revenue from property taxes on the former State Hospital property to pay for planned capital projects. The Governor signed the bill into law in April.

Public Hearings, Committee and Commission Work & Beacon Hill Updates

Wellesley College Food Justice Service Group
Several engaging Wellesley College students who are part of a food justice service group on campus opted to spend their spring break doing service work and focusing on policy issues relative to public health and food insecurity. The six women came into the State House to talk with me about my food donation and labeling bills that are aimed at decreasing food waste and donating food to people in need, and other ways we can support people who are food insecure.

Cannabis Control Commission Regulations
In December the Cannabis Control Commission issued their draft regulations, allowing for two months of review and comment during their state-wide hearings. Several elements of the draft regulations were of grave concern to me, and I wrote a letter to the Cannabis Control Commission that 78 of my legislative colleagues signed onto, stating in part:

"As legislators, we seek to ensure that the roll out of the newly legal marketplace for adult-use marijuana is accomplished in a controlled and regulated manner and we are concerned that the aggressive roll out of numerous licensing categories envisioned by the Commission will jeopardize the successful implementation.

We believe that the delivery only and social consumption licensing categories should be delayed until it is clearly illustrated that the initial retail marketplace has been successfully implemented and where the important public health and public safety concerns can be met.

The legal, regulated marketplace for adult use marijuana in Massachusetts is in its infancy and many stakeholders, including state and local governments, public health and public safety officials, and those deeply concerned about the effect increased adult-use of marijuana will have on youth use, want to see this new marketplace grow in a controlled manner that minimizes the public health and public safety risks, eliminates the possibility of diversion, and builds on successes rather than reining in preventable over-reach."

My colleagues and I were very pleased when the Cannabis Control Commission addressed these concerns by removing them from the final regulations, however, we are aware that these licensing categories will be revisited in the coming months and years, and we will remain vigilant in ensuring that the challenges associated with these licensing categories are addressed.

I am also working with the Baker-Polito Administration and my legislative colleagues to ensure that the Cannabis Control Commission has funding to launch and run before the beginning of retail sales in July a science-based public awareness campaign that will inform the public about responsible use of marijuana, including information on edibles and warnings about the dangers of manufacturing marijuana products at home; and the campaign will seek to educate youth about marijuana use with a goal of decreasing the youth usage rate.

The supplemental budget bill the House voted on last week included $2M which will allow the campaign to begin in May or June of this year and continue into FY19 with another $1.5M allocation in FY19.

Al-Hamra Students Visit the State House
My Legislative Aide Jessica Beliveau had the pleasure of meeting with students from Al-Hamra Academy at the State House while the students learned first-hand the power of advocacy. Al-Hamra Academy students were my first school visitors after I was sworn in in 2015 and it is great to see them coming to the State House to advocate for legislation that are important priorities to the students.

Healthy Incentives Program Legislative Briefing
March 1st was advocacy day for the Healthy Incentives Program. My colleague Rep. Dan Donahue and I co-hosted a legislative briefing with the Massachusetts Food Systems Collaborative on HIP, a tremendously successful program that helps to sustain local farms and improve health outcomes for some of the Commonwealth's most vulnerable families. My friends from Central Mass. Grown and the Worcester County Food Bank helped advocate for continued funding by illustrating the strong economic impact to farmers and the ability for SNAP recipients to double their purchases of fresh, healthy, local fruits and vegetables. An article in the April 2nd edition of the Boston Globe titled "The Healthy Incentives Program is so popular, its future is now in doubt" quoted Rep. Donahue and I and mentioned the supplemental FY18 funding we successfully sought, and we are currently the lead sponsors on a FY19 budget amendment.

Speaking Opportunities

Massachusetts Bar Association
Worcester County attorneys of the Massachusetts Bar Association have begun a Tiered Mentoring Program and hosted a recent event at the Worcester County Food Bank to talk with three panel members about our career paths and how mentors helped us along the way. It was a great opportunity for me to talk about the influence that Governor Paul Cellucci had on my career serving as one of my mentors, and how I attempt to help mentor young people, particularly in public service.
Harvard Network of Enlightened Women
The Network of Enlightened Women (NeW) at Harvard is an organization of young women who seek to start conversations about politics, gender, and conservative ideas on Harvard's campus. I was delighted to be asked to speak to them about my own experiences in politics and the work I am involved in on substance use. It was a terrific opportunity to meet some inspiring young women!
Women's Day Conference "Women Can"
The Unicef Club members at the Advanced Math and Science Academy in Marlborough hosted a Women's Day Conference "Celebrating the Diversity and Accomplishments of Women in Educational and Male-Dominated Fields" as a fundraiser for UNICEF and asked me to be one of their 5 speakers addressing the challenges of gender equality and examples of empowering moments in our lives that involved fulfilling the notion that "Women Can". It was a wonderful evening primarily organized by four talented young ladies Lydia Begag, Amy Patel, Megha Varghese and Aarthi Gopalan.

Central Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change
The Family Leadership Series presented by the Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change helps empower families with information and skills to advocate to policy makers to help improve the lives of family members with disabilities. Last year I hosted an event at the State House, and this year I was pleased to join the workshop attendees in Worcester to discuss how to effectively advocate with legislators.
UMass Women into Leadership (UWiL)
UWiL is a competitive leadership training and professional development program at UMass Amherst that seeks to prepare women for public leadership after graduation. Each year they hold a workshop with legislators and elected officials, and this year they added a Women in Politics Breakfast where those of us attending were able to talk about why we chose to serve and what it is like to be in elected office. It was a great weekend spent with UMass Amherst students who are interested in serving their communities, states and our country in public service someday!
Worcester County Bar Association
The Worker's Compensation Committee of the Worcester County Bar Association held a forum on "Opioids: The Legal Issues and Medical Alternatives" and I was pleased to address as one of the five speakers the actions taken by the Baker-Polito Administration and the Legislature to address the opioid epidemic, the legislation filed by the Governor that is pending before the Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery, of which I am a member, and the work that I do as a member of the Central MA Opioid Task Force and the Shrewsbury Coalition for Addiction Prevention and Education.
Worcester County Food Bank
I was happy to join my friends at the Worcester County Food Bank at one of their advocacy workshops at WHEAT Community Services in Clinton to talk to attendees about how to be an effective advocate at the State House, particularly on issues affecting food insecurity and the Healthy Incentives Program.

Worcester County Superintendents
Shrewsbury Superintendent of Schools Dr. Joe Sawyer invited me to speak at the monthly meeting/luncheon of the Worcester County Superintendents and I focused my remarks on education funding and unfunded mandates, a bill pending before the House to enhance civic education, and how the legalization of recreational marijuana will potentially impact youth and schools. Being the daughter of two educators, it is always wonderful to get the opportunity to speak to and get insight from our Superintendents.
Middlesex Partnership for Youth
On April 5th I spoke at the Spring 2018 Mental Health Conference of the Middlesex Partnership for Youth. The 150 educators and school professionals that attended the day-long conference on Marijuana, Edibles and Vapors, heard from five speakers, ranging from a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at Harvard Medical School, the clinical director of Addiction Recovery Management Service, a Sergeant in the Massachusetts State Police, a lawyer focused on the legal issues for schools, and I provided a legislative update on the implementation of the 2016 ballot question and legislation passed last summer.
Local Grants/Awards

Shrewsbury and Westborough Fire Safety Grants
The legislature created a Student Awareness of Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) program twenty-three years ago and since then average annual child fire deaths have been reduced by 72%, and the Senior S.A.F.E. program was created due to seniors being the most vulnerable populations at risk of fire related deaths. Shrewsbury received $5,407 for S.A.F.E. grants and $2,813 for Senior S.A.F.E. grants and Westborough received $4,308 for S.A.F.E. grants and $2,615 for Senior S.A.F.E. grants
Shrewsbury Receives Site Readiness Program Grant
Shrewsbury received a $302,000 Site Readiness grant from the Baker-Polito Administration and MassDevelopment to fund the due diligence, master planning and Massachusetts Environmental Protection Agency permitting for the 60-acre Centech Park North parcel along South Street and Route 20. These funds will enable Shrewsbury to prepare one of its few larger potential development sites into a source of economic growth and opportunity.

Shrewsbury Receives a Downtown Technical Assistance Program Award
The Baker-Polito Administration awarded Shrewsbury a Massachusetts Downtown Initiative Technical Assistance Program award of up to $15,000 worth of consultant services to assist the Town of Shrewsbury with downtown revitalization through a parking management strategy for the town center.
Community Events, Town Celebrations & Recognitions
Whole Foods Grand Opening
It was great fun to attend and shop at the much-anticipated opening of Whole Foods in the new Lakeway Commons. The many tributes to Anthony "Spag" Borgatti and the special legacy of Spag's makes it an extra special place to shop!

Rotarian Arthur Dobson Recognized as a Service Hero
I was happy to be on hand with Rotary Club of Westborough's President Shelby Marshall at the Rotary International Event Celebrating Service Heroes to see Arthur Dobson of the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury being honored! Nominated by Club President Kathy McSweeney, Art was acknowledged for his 35 years of service to rotary, including raising funds for people impacted by Chernobyl, providing clean drinking water in Guatemala, establishing the Rotary Club of Kiev, Ukraine with 3 other rotarians, and expanding pre-natal care in Haiti, not to mention numerous service projects in the US, and serving in our Armed Forces. Art epitomizes Rotarians making a difference! It was also great to see incoming District Governor-elect Steven Sager of the Rotary Club of Westborough in his new role.

Westborough Police Chief Al Gordon Retires
I attended a wonderful retirement party for Westborough Police Chief Al Gordon, honoring his 43 years in public safety doing what he loved to do!! Al has a big heart and so many people came out to his party to celebrate not only what Al did, but who Al is and the impact he made on this great community. My colleagues Representatives Carolyn Dykema, Danielle Gregoire and I presented him with a resolution from the House of Representatives to honor his service.

Local Events and Initiatives

Spending time in Shrewsbury and Westborough supporting local initiatives, attending events and speaking on issues important to our community are the most rewarding aspects of being State Representative. Here is a sampling of initiatives and events from the last few months.

Troop 4 celebrated five new Eagle Scouts at the Court of Honor held at Floral Street School in early January. Congratulations to Colin Caron, Richard Caron, Ethan Huber, James Wasson and Brendan Wolohan! Thank you also to George Grosner for your many years of service to Troop 4.

Attended the Shrewsbury Education Foundation Annual Awards, Recognitions and Fundraising dinner, where it was wonderful to see Dr. Collins witness his son Patrick Collins, our Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations receive the John P. Collins Award for Excellence! The dinner is always a terrific evening celebrating our superb educators and support staff in the Shrewsbury Public Schools.


The Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce Annual Legislative Breakfast held in January is always a terrific opportunity to discuss with chamber members the pressing issues on Beacon Hill and what issues members are concerned about as business owners and active community members. Much of our discussion this year centered on the potential November ballot initiatives, the impact of marijuana retail sales beginning this summer, and how the state is approaching the Amazon national bid for its new campus.


The Shrewsbury Schools Music/Theatre Association and the Shrewsbury Cultural Council funded an original composition commissioned for the Oak Middle School Bands and the performance was fantastic by all involved! "Shrewsbury Fair" had three movements that students helped develop - General Ward Marches Home, Dean Park in Autumn, and Quinsigamond Race Day.
Shrewsbury Fire Department Captain Sean Lawlor graduated from the Chief Fire Officer Program at the Department of Fire Services and I was happy to be on hand with Shrewsbury town officials and Sean's family to congratulate my friend!

The Massachusetts Beijing Chinese Language School 2018 Chinese New Year Spring Festival celebrating "the Year of Dog" had over 20 fantastic performances by students and was so much fun to watch!

Shrewsbury High School students reached an incredible milestone of over 110,000 hours of volunteer service and the achievement was celebrated at halftime during a Shrewsbury vs. Saint John's boys varsity basketball game. Former State Rep. Matt Beaton and I both signed a House of Representatives citation as we have both been members of the Service Learning Advisory Board that works with the student leaders of the service initiative and have been so inspired by the student's commitment to be impactful volunteers. Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito and Senator Mike Moore were also on hand to mark this tremendous milestone.

Jim, Patrick and I enjoyed the always fun, well-attended and delicious

St. Mary's Fish Fry!



The Shrewsbury Post celebrated their 4-year anniversary and I was happy to attend and congratulate Post editor Juan Perfetti on the Post's anniversary.


The Shrewsbury Public Library Foundation hosted a "Match Game" Fundraiser based on the classic television program Match Game. It was a very fun evening with lots of laughs and I enjoyed being on one of the "celebrity panels" along with Kathleen Keohane, Selectman John Lebeaux, Senator Mike Moore and Superintendent Joe Sawyer!


I visited Christine Foley and her passionate and giving students at South High Community School who run Andy's Attic, a non-profit organization that provides new and gently used clothing to needy teenagers and their families. Andy's Attic is in memory and honor of Andy Reese, a 16-year-old from Shrewsbury who tragically died in a car accident.
The Westborough legislative delegation attended a Board of Selectmen meeting and a School Committee meeting in February to provide an update and discuss with the Selectmen and School Committee members issues that they are focused on. It is always helpful to have the opportunity to hear directly from elected officials during their scheduled meetings, and as a delegation we work to stay in constant contact with the town officials so that we can be responsive to local issues.
Lakeway Business District Association (LBDA) fellow members Maria Lemieux and Maria Smith and I stopped in to welcome all the new Lakeway Commons businesses and discuss the mission of the LBDA to create economic growth and prosperity for both new and existing businesses on Route 9 in Shrewsbury, while preserving and enhancing the landscape improvements from the Burns Bridge to the Oak Street intersection. Burtons signed up on the spot to be a new member!

Enjoyed the 10th Annual Shrewsbury High School Athletic Boosters "Bowling for Boosters" event - continued our streak of not winning!

The Saint John's High School Gala was a fun evening surrounded by folks committed to raising funds to support the school's general scholarship fund and paying tribute to the Gala honorees who have made a substantial impact on the Saint John's community.
Conversations with Hannah

In March I recorded an episode of Conversations with Hannah with my special guest Melissa Pride-Fahs, local businesswoman, active community member and Vice-Chair of the SYFS board, in which we discussed March being Women's History month and my interest in seeing more women run for office, my new committee assignments and the current issues at the State House. Please give it a watch here.
Events Coming Up!
The 4th Annual Armed Forces Day Celebration will be held on Saturday, May 19th at SAC Park, 438 Lake Street in Shrewsbury from 9-10:30am. We will send out more details soon and hope you can join us. This year we will feature the Westborough High School Band!
Hannah Kane Charity Classic - the 4th annual golf tournament will be held on Monday, August 20th at The Haven in Boylston. Details will be posted soon. Last year the tournament raised $54,000 for our three primary beneficiaries - Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services, St. Anne's Human Services and Westborough Food Pantry.


Monthly Office Hours

I hold office hours in Shrewsbury and Westborough for residents to stop in and discuss an issue or problem. The upcoming times and locations can be found on the home page of my website. I hope you can join me!  

Thank you for all of your support. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or my Legislative Aide, Jessica Beliveau. Our office number is 617-722-2430. I welcome your thoughts, perspectives and questions and please know that it is an amazing honor to serve as your State Representative.

With sincere gratitude,

Hannah Kane
State Representative
11th Worcester District

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