You are invited to worship with us!

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday, August 13th

Worship in person and on Facebook Live at 11:00am!

Join us at 9:45am for Sunday School!

Childcare provided for Sunday School and for Worship.

This week's service will include the communion! Following Worship, we will receive new members in the Gathering Room!

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Sunday School starts back this week!

Our WiredWORD class meets in the Gathering Room which is on the upper floor, through the Fireplace Room and near the restrooms. This room is sometimes referred to as "the old choir room" or "the old sanctuary" by long-time members. This class explores current events and discusses how our faith intersects and informs our response. 

Our Foundations Sunday School meets in the Adult Classroom which is on lower floor classroom wing at the end of the hall way on the left. This class explores the lectionary scriptures each week, taught by a rotation of teachers. 

Youth Sunday School meets in the Youth Classroom which is on the lower floor classroom wing. It is the first classroom on the left, past the restrooms. The class explores the lectionary scriptures each week, often as they relate to the weekly sermon.

Children's Sunday School meets in the Children's Classroom which is the second door on the right of the lower floor classroom wing. Children learn about God's love through the bible, play, and song.

Upcoming Ministry Opportunities
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All in the congregation are invited to wear an article of clothing, a scarf, a pin, etc., that reminds you of your family's country of origin/family heritage. You may also provide flags from countries around the world where the PC(USA) has relationships with other Presbyterian denominations (such as Korea, Kenya, South Africa, France, Cuba, etc.). All are invited to provide fabrics from around the world (such as kente cloth, mesoamerican blankets, etc.) for our worship art display on August 27th. Please provide the materials to Alicia Taylor by Friday, August 18th.

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The Witness Committee is looking into the possibility of starting a new ministry to visit seniors in local nursing homes. The visits would be to interact with the residents, many of whom have few visitors. If you are interested in helping us start this ministry and feel that you could commit a couple of hours a month to visiting seniors, please contact Curtis Watson.

Jammies & Jesus starts back NEXT SUNDAY, August 20th!

Visit fpccov.org/zoom-links and click Jammies & Jesus to join!
Ways to serve in our community
Covington FUMC Food Ministry
Volunteers Needed to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community!
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Even though our Finance Team has finalized our 2023 budget, you are always welcome to make a pledge or to volunteer your time and talents to serve!

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General Ministry Information

Congregational Meeting: Sunday, August 20

Immediately following worship on Sunday, August 20, we will host a congregational meeting with the purpose of hearing and voting on the Nominating Committee’s selection of proposed Elders and Deacons for the Class of 2026.

Announcement from Personnel

Dear FPC Church family,

Alicia Taylor has resigned from her position as the Director of Music and Worship Arts effective September 17, 2023. We are grateful for the joy, passion, and dedication she has given to our church family! Alicia has been a gift through her magnificent music ministry. We will miss you, Alicia!

Please be assured the personnel team will immediately begin to form a search committee as we seek to discern a new hire for the position of Director of Music and Worship Arts. It is our hope that all music ministry opportunities will proceed as usual.

We will celebrate Alicia’s time with us at FPC in the days to come!

With love and gratitude,

Rev. Neeley Rentz Lane

Senior Pastor

A Message from Alicia:

“I give thanks to God that I was given this opportunity to get to know all of your wonderful people! I have served this congregation to the very best of my God-given abilities, and I love you all more than I can put into words. It is my fervent prayer that the music ministry has touched your heart, has spoken to your soul, and has brought you closer to Jesus in your spiritual journey. Soli Deo Gloria!”

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People to Think About this Week

This week we welcome and celebrate Kora Howell following her baptism on Sunday, August 6th!

In baptism, we are called to a new way of life as Christ’s disciples, sharing the good news of the gospel with all the world. 

   Presbyterians celebrate baptism as a communal act of public worship! Sunday we, as the body of Christ, said "YES" to walking alongside Kora as we seek to nurture and love her as her family of faith! 

    Speak to Pastors Neeley or Erin if you are interested in baptism for yourself or your child.

August Birthdays

Please keep the following people and their families in your prayers this week:


  • Gabby Daugherty
  • Brenda Howell - car accident
  • The Crane family, friends of Alex, Barbara, and Chris Martin - mourning death of three year old child, Milo
  • Caroline Harper, daughter of Pat Harper - cervical cancer
  • Ken Walker - upcoming surgery
  • Doris Deadwyler, friend of Judy Davis - hip replacement
  • Meredith Nash, friend of Barbara Martin - four year old with stage IV liver cancer
  • Bill Loeble - recovering from kidney removal surgery
  • Randy Jones, nephew of Faye Kitchens - lung cancer
  • Lucas, Morgan, and baby Nate, friends of Faye and Joel Kitchens - baby going through dialysis
  • Taylor Waters, great niece of Gene Wallace
  • Bob and Beverly Beasley, friends of Jean Elder - health concerns and care
  • Brenda Buckelew, mother of Jennifer Buckelew
  • Patrick Carmichael
  • Larry Cox, brother-in-law of Randy Layton - cancer
  • Bob Darby, friend of Jeff Mackenzie - leg amputated, kidney problems
  • Patsy Freeman, sister of Judy Davis - dementia
  • Bruce Hamilton, brother of Theodosia Wade - immunotherapy cancer treatment
  • Karen Lein Kaasa, sister-in-law of Julie MacKenzie - home health care
  • Lee Morris, friend of Donna Weesner - meningitis
  • E.W. Sims, great uncle of Robert Lane
  • Linda Trenthan, friend of congregation
  • Donald Vining, brother of Danny Vining - vision loss
  • Joyce Williams, sister of Danny Vining - Alzheimer’s

Independent and Assisted Living

  • Penny Blakeney - The Oaks Assisted Living
  • Homer Borders - Presbyterian Village Athens
  • Jean Elder - Florida with her daughter
  • Dot Fincher - Merryvale
  • Louly Hay - Presbyterian Village Athens
  • Travis Moss - Westbury, Conyers
  • Louise White - Merryvale

Military Service

  • Billy Scarborough - Marines
  • Koen Ardis - Navy

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