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State's Proposed Budget Focuses on Schools, Health Care and Housing
Published in the Kitsap Sun, March 29, 2023
Photo: Amanda Snyder/The Seattle Times, 2022

Democratic budget writers in the Washington Legislature want to plow billions of new dollars into climate-change projects, K-12 schools, and substance-use and mental-health programs, according to their budget proposals for the next two fiscal years.

But perhaps the most notable focus of the proposed two-year operating budgets released by House and Senate leaders in recent days: They put billions into raises for state employees and provide more money to pay workers like home-care providers and employees of assisted living facilities, adult-family homes and care facilities.

AI for Business: Practical Ways to Use (and Avoid) AI
At first glance, especially for people who have trouble writing or have difficulty starting out and collecting their thoughts at a keyboard, AI can feel like the smartest kid in the class offering to do your homework for free, forever. It seems like a huge win and I’m not saying it isn’t. But there are a few things you should be aware of as well as some tasks it does tremendously well that could save you a lot of time and energy.

Meeting Your Workers in the Middle: Work-from-Home Versus Remote Work
Published on, March 23, 2023
Photo: Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

You’d think that most of us wouldn’t swap the convenience of working from home for the days of Monday-Friday commutes. But the newest working generation, Gen Z (b. 1997-2012), wants the option to go back into the office for a work/life we older workers might’ve had. The one that involved social connection, the sounds and smells (sans the microwaved fish from last night’s leftovers), and hands-on collaboration found in working face-to-face.

By trying to balance older generations with Gen Z, are we thrusting people into working environments without any consideration of the long-term consequences? Here’s why we have to meet in the middle.

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