Raymond Toulouse.
From Antioch to Ascalon the Spear Leads the Crusaders to Victory
From the moment the Spear of Antioch (the alleged spear of Longinus) was found until the moment it "disappeared" from history after the battle of Ascalon, it was the rallying point of the First Crusade in the hands of Raymond of Toulouse. Raymond used the spear to lead the Crusaders out of the city of Antioch to victory against a much greater army.
Raymond st. Giles
Tyre and Tripoli fell before Raymond, who held the spear, as the crusaders marched towards Jerusalem. Raymond continued to follow the advice of Peter Bartholomew who originally had the vision that led to finding the spear at Antioch.

Raymond won the battle for Jerusalem but refused to be made king and instead carried out the humble, ritual baptism in the River Jordan that Peter advised him to do. He also baptized his two-year old son Alphonso Jordan at the same time.

There was one battle left for Raymond to secure Jerusalem and that was at Ascalon; where, it is said, Raymond "lost" the Spear of Antioch and it was never seen again. The likelihood of the spear that was so important to winning Jerusalem getting "lost" is doubtful. More likely that the vows that Raymond and the other Crusaders made to the Roman Catholic Church bound them to turn over any relics found in the holy land to the Pope in Rome.

The two videos below are animations of the Siege of Antioch in 1098 AD and the B attle of Ascalon in 1099 AD. 

If you recall, Michael and Douglas discussed both battles in their audio discussions in the prior lesson. 

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First Crusade: Siege of Antioch 1098 AD
First Crusade: Siege of Antioch 1098 AD

First Crusade: Battle of Ascalon 1099 AD
First Crusade: Battle of Ascalon 1099 AD

What Happened to the Templars' Property During the Crusades?

As the researchers examined the provenance of the spear, they make note of how property of the Templars was treated during the early 1300s. The reason this was of interest to them was because a Templar coin had been found near the spear's original location.

A few days later, the excavator, who has gone back to the dig site after more than a decade since last there, pulls up a piece of burlap, a Templar coin, and old nail. The excavator also sends a note (read below) as well.

In the meantime, we fast forward to June 2017, almost one thousand years since the First Crusades ended, deFango examines the old letters that were found with the spear. Be careful, deFango!  Don't burn those letters. They may be important.

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All that arose from the gifts of the divine in the past were seen as the wisdom of the Mothers.  The thinkers needed to find themselves separate from that world of the Mothers if they were to become independent thinkers. Thus, the Giant Ophioneus (ego) had to wrestle self-knowledge from the Mothers in the world of wisdom around them.

In mythology Ophioneus wrestled with the serpent, but today the thinking human being (ego) wrestles with the outside world and attempts to tame its forces for the Good. Ophioneus represents the modern philosopher trying to tame the forces of the serpent (dragon) found in the astral body of desires....

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