A Note from Scott and Marsha
January 28, 2021
Does anyone else remember the commercial of the little dog running through the house saying, "Snausages, snausages!" I honestly can't remember what decade this was out of, but it sort of stuck with me. So every time I see sausages, I envision this little brown dog running through the house wanting his treats called "Snausages!"  

This past Friday, I wandered into the kitchen to wash my coffee mug and on the counter was this pack of sausages. This usually happens more than once a week. Jack, our Landscape Operations Manager, is from Wisconsin. Does anyone else say "Wissss - consin" in their head?  

Anyway, Jack loves sausage. And not just one variety of sausage. He likes ALL the sausages. He brings in packs of bratwurst. Hot dogs. Hot sausage. Mild sausage. Kielbasa. ALL of them. I don't know if he's ever met a sausage he didn't like.  

This must be a Wisssss - consin thing, and it is somewhat endearing. What isn't endearing is when he cooks the hot dogs in the microwave and makes the office smell like bacon.  Not exactly sure how that is possible, but it's true.

After having a bit of rough week at work, I was having a better Friday and feeling witty. And of course, Jack had his pack of sausages on the counter. I also love to doodle so I took the opportunity to draw faces on all his sausages because, well, why not? Every sausage should have a face and maybe the sausage industry could tuck in some edible eyes and smiles to increase sales? I, for one, might find it more fun to eat them with googly eyes. If you are working with Jack on a project, he will work for sausages.  

I don't know about you, but I have some googly eyes for houseplants that arrived this week. Good golly. I wanted to take home 10 new plants. Trucks are arriving weekly and Judy is magically bringing in some of the best!  Buy a houseplant. Fire up the grill and cook a sausage. We are cooking here!
Garden Center Features
Succulents are a favorite for houseplant collectors. They are easy but take some know-how to keep them happy. They need lots of bright light, but not a lot of water. If you need care tips for succulents, we have a post for you! We have many varieties in stock, and many arrive each week! Grow your succulent collection this weekend! These adorable Crassula Buddha's Temple won't be around forever.
For a tree that is a stunner in all the seasons, go for the Coral Bark Japanese Maple. Right now, the bark is a bright red, making it a spectacular winter interest, and even more when dusted with snow! You'll enjoy the delicate new growth in spring. In the fall, the leaves are a brilliant yellow.
While it is a little early to get started planting, you will probably not want to wait to get your seeds this year! More people are planting gardens than ever before, and that is putting somewhat of a strain on seed producers. We have lots of seeds in stock, and posted a brand new blog post this week on Seed Starting Tips! Don't miss it!
Let Our Crews Exceed Your Expectations
Our lawn maintenance services go above and beyond. From the first time you speak with our team, you will notice the FGS difference. We prioritize communication with our clients, and weather permitting, you will see us on the same day around the same time every week. Plus, we don't just mow, blow and go. There are many services we offer that will keep your lawn and landscape beautiful and well-cared for.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate. We can't wait to exceed your expectations.
Spring Wreath Workshop
Let’s decorate a grapevine wreath to welcome spring to your front door! Class includes design principles and instruction, wreath, greenery, flowers and novelties to build your one-of -kind creation!
Presenter: Debbi Barrett
Class fee: $45

Repotting Your Plants
Your potted plants love spring's longer, warmer, brighter days! This class teaches how to give them the attention they need for healthy growth. Debbi will review repotting and fertilizing practices to help your indoor and outdoor potted plants flourish. Bring in a plant you can carry yourself, and we will demonstrate repotting dos and don’ts.
Presenter: Debbi Barrett
There is no fee for this class but you must register.

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Current COVID-19 restrictions and practices will be observed for all classes.
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