Which player built a soccer museum dedicated to him/herself?

A) Marta

B) Lionel Messi

C) Cristiano Ronaldo

D) Pele

*Answer is at the bottom

Who's your hero?

Parents & Community Update

If there was such thing as insider trading for our soccer community, this is it! Shaun Howe shares some exciting insight for all Fire FC parents as we head into a new year! Have a listen and please share with someone who can benefit.

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¡El entrenador de Fire FC, Gabriel Peres, comparte información interesante para nuestra comunidad de habla hispana! Uno de ellos, una jornada de puertas abiertas para que todos aprendan más sobre lo que Fire FC tiene para ofrecer.

Our club admin, Mark, shares some great info for rec parents as we roll into the new year! Did you know, Spring 2024 registration is open! FEB 12 is our DEADLINE to request your preferred team! Rec coaches, we have an update for you too!

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Stay informed by choice, not by chance. Have a listen to our Technical Director, Danny, as he shares some great insight for our Fire FC families as we roll into a new month and a new year! Breaking records when it comes to how big our programs are at Fire FC! Have a listen and please share!

Has your son or daughter missed some or all of our Sports Psychology Sessions we've hosted since April? These are our bi-monthly training sessions for U11-18 competitive players, to help them train their "mental toolkit" as a player.

Check out our three most recent sessions here:

Person > Player: Getting the Order Right (June)

Building a Champions Mindset (August)

Performing Under Pressure (November)

Have a listen as we talk with a 2011 Fire FC Alum to see he's up to today!

This month, we spotlight Sean Foster, a 2011 grad from GJHS. He shares his unique story about growing up in GJ, playing in the Academy setup in Denver, helping the CMU Men during their Final Four run and more!

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Club Education Coordinator, Nick Gumpert, shares some exciting news for prospective collegiate soccer players residing in/around the Western Slope!

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Did you know we have a College Series Playlist for prospective college soccer players on our YouTube Channel? Want/need tips when navigating your college journey? Check em' out here!

"I regret knowing too much info about Fire FC," said no one ever.

Our Technical Director, Matt, shares some cool news about how our club board has invested in our staff, what our older teams are up to and more! Have a listen and please share with someone who can benefit.



C) Cristiano Ronaldo

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