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Hard copies of the Tapestry will be available to those who do not receive the Tapestry electronically at Community Connections at Findley Lake in their office in the Community Center. These will be available from 10am to 3pm Monday-Friday.

Ducks also will be available on the 4th of July at the Gazebo from 10am - 12:20pm (or sold out). Race starts at 12:30pm. Prizes announced and distributed approximately 1-1:30pm.

10AM Register your boat for the Findley Lake Boat parade at the Gazebo.

Then get started decorating your boat.

"A Walk Down Memory Lane"

Boat Parade starts at 2pm and so does the judging!

There are judges but the "People's Vote Trophy" is decided by YOU! Cast your vote at the boat launch at 2PM.


The flares are $4.00 each. They are available at French Creek Store, Findley Lake Hardware, Twin Docks, Findley Lake Marine and the Library.

All proceeds benefit the Findley Lake Library.

On July 4th at 9:30PM the flares are put around the lake and lit (when you hear the fire whistle sound) before the fireworks at 10PM north end of the lake.


Fireworks will be set off same as last years from farm on Mann Road at the north end of the lake.




JULY 12, 2024

We cordially invite you to our annual meeting on

Friday, July 12 at 5:00 p.m.

The meeting will be held at the Fire Hall. Local nonprofit organizations will share their extraordinary work, and FLCF will present its successes for the past year and its plans for the coming year. Free appetizers and cash bar.

Patriots in Action

Ever wonder who takes the time to raise and lower the beautiful flags surrounding Findley Lake? Our neighbors Liz and Matt Wise are passionate and patriotic about the beauty and symbolism of our beloved American flag. They wanted to express this passion in our community and began purchasing and donating these flags two years ago. They also take time out of their busy schedules to place each flag on the poles. Our Highway Superintendent, Bill Himelein secures the flags in the fall to protect them over winter.

We are supported everyday in our community by numerous volunteers that selflessly give of their time, expertise and finances. Take a moment this 4th of July weekend to stop and thank Liz and Matt if you see them around town. If you are interested in sharing your passion and experience with the community, drop a note to Rebecca Brumagin or stop in at the Community Center.

Mark G. Craffey RN, BSN, IHC

Do well, by doing good!


Hello bookworms! The first StoryWalk® of the year is ready for your enjoyment! STONE SOUP! The trailhead starts on the south side of the baseball field. The Findley Lake Nature Trails Network did an amazing job getting the trail ready with a new amphitheater area! It's cool, shady and if you're quiet, you might even sneak up on a beaver or blue heron

Hello bookworms and Happy July! Summer Reading is just around the corner! Officially, July 8th is the first day of Summer Reading so you can stop in next week to pick up your tracking sheets and supplies.

However, we just couldn't wait to get started on the fun! We are having a coloring contest for July (for kids and grownups) and to-go crafts are available for fun on the run. Also, there is an Adventurer Scavenger Hunt here in the library that gets you an entry into a Prize-drawing if you complete it by the end of the month! Stop down to start the hunt and pick up your coloring contest sheets!!

Meandering, Foraging and Inviting the Past into the Present

Written for The Tapestry by Destiny Kinal

Isn’t it often true in your life that sometimes the most ordinary things—like the creek in your backyard for instance—turns out to be one-of-a-kind, an extraordinary thing?


I have observed that the creek in your own yard is said “crick” while the same creek that meanders through other people’s yards is referred to as French Creek.


It is said that the 117 meandering miles of French Creek contains every species that once lived in the entire Ohio watershed but that—as those species died out in the Allegheny and Ohio--French Creek held them intact, a treasure chest of species diversity.  Let’s check in on that now, dear readers; let’s take the temperature of our beloved French Creek.


Back in the 90’s, I was part of a national and then international watershed movement. Friends of mine in the 70’s had re-articulated our ancient relationship to our watersheds calling it “bioregionalism.”  Many of you may be bioregionalists, practitioners of one of our most formative and basic relationships, each watershed a unique ecosystem that molds our cultures that grow up within it.  


Out of their insight, 10,000 watershed organizations sprang up overnight like the legendary mushrooms after a rain.  We started Carantouan Greenway where two branches of the Susquehanna meet and head south to Chesapeake Bay.  Because of its geomorphology (shape), it has been an important crossroads and revolving door for Native tribes for millennia, both on paths on land and on water. Trolleys, canals and railroads followed suit.


While I was a professional representing our watershed, I came to find out about French Creek’s remarkable diversity. At the time, a lot of publicity accompanied the zebra mussels’ destruction of watersheds, particularly along the Great Lakes. Carried on the bottom of boats, these predators easily decimated whole ecosystems.


Correct me if I am wrong, but I’m recalling that it was precisely the natural barriers between our Lake Erie watershed and the creeks that drain south from the elevation of the escarpment--as much as 1000 feet higher than the Lake Erie Plain—that protected French Creek, together with the diligence of authorities and individuals careful not to provide free transport to the zebra mussels in bait cans and canoe bottoms.


How do migrating creatures-- salmon and monarchs, sea lions and warblers-- carry information important to their species’ survival?


In the town of Pacific Grove near Monterey , I saw monarch butterflies hanging from the trees like thick clusters of grapes, their traditional gathering spot before heading south to the mountains of Mexico.  Remarkably, it’s not the same monarchs  who return north but their children and grandchildren.


Why am I telling you this, now?  When people heard that the monarchs were in trouble because their food source—milkweed—was being decimated (an unwelcome weed,) people and communities planted milkweed. Are the monarch populations  perhaps rebounding?  Population turnarounds, restorations of any kind, take time and we are not a species known for our patience.


Friends on the Mattole River in Northern California spent their lifetimes  in a salmon run restoration that moved from… restoring river banks that had been weakened by logging, silting up the beds where salmon procreated---writing grants to dispatch teams of young people to replant clear cuts to hold those hills and banks in place…to being good neighbors and revitalizing traditional potluck and music gathering places with unemployed loggers and fishermen and their families.

My friends are old now but the salmon have returned to their traditional spawning grounds on the Mattole.  This restoration serves as a model to other beleaguered salmon runs.


It is so difficult to actually tell whether our treasure chest, French Creek, is in good shape, intact, or in trouble.  Google makes it easy to ask.  I travel through recent scholarly reports from Edinboro, Penn State, Fish and Wildlife, and see such different data.  How many species of mussel are in French Creek: 24 or 2?  Rumors of a small lake overrun with zebra mussels on our watershed do not name that lake.


An article in last winter’s Nature Conservancy speaks to the disastrous plunge in whitefish populations in our Great Lakes. Smoked whitefish has a central role in our family’s celebratory calendar; smoked whitefish in this region is sold out of the small whitefish market in Barcelona Harbor.


The Department of Natural Resources’ partnership with the Sault tribe are incubating eggs in rivers whitefish haven’t spawned in for centuries.  They frankly admit that when we work in restoration , there’s so much we don’t know and the feedback  loops in our experiments may exceed one researcher’s lifetime.


 When Native people bring their unique points of view to official decisionmaking,  productive partnerships are born. Using Native ways of applying fire to remove underbrush regularly in “let burn” instances has become an opportunity for locals, Natives and state regulatory agencies to learn to see this tool—fire—differently.


Earth has a remarkable ability to restore itself once the insult is removed.  What is the Hudson River worth as an intact watershed? While it cost many millions of dollars and years to undo the damage industry had done to the Hudson’s ecosystem, aren’t we humans more whole as a species?


The big flat meander known locally as Still Water served as a wintering spot for Native people because the North Wind was blocked by the shape (geomorphology) of hills.  Eagles winter over there.  Pioneers dammed up the creek and established a small local mill.  A stagecoach stop up the street took travellers whever they wanted to go, part of the true cost being time.  I suspect that the locals lost a lot of capacity when that mill stopped operating to serve the small farming community.


The milkweed are blooming now.  When I ask anyone to bend to smell the milkweed flower with its many florets, the response is one of astonishment.  The fragrance is so spicy, rich and unexpected! 

Here’s directions for making a simple syrup for cocktails or NA drinks from the flowers:

Cut (rather than tear or break) four or five flower clusters in full bloom from a stand of milkweeds.

Scissor away the tiny florets from the green stems that hold them together in a ball.  Immediately place them in a canning jar with a cup of water and a cup of sugar.  

(This year, busy with other things, I waited a couple of days, holding  the flowers in my refrigerator.  The simple syrup did not turn the delightful azalea pink because I allowed the flowers to waste their nectar.)


After 24 hours, place the liquid back into a saucepan and heat it. 

Invert the jar again.  At the end of a week, discard the flowers and keep the simple syrup in your fridge for special occasions: vanilla frosting, a meringue, or with vodka and soda for a summer spritzer the Backyard Forager calls a Butterfly Kiss.

Destiny will be writing a column for The Tapestry. Destiny lives part of the year on her famly homestead outside of Findley Lake and the other part in the San Francisco Bay area. Her most recent work The Textile Trilogy of novels tells the true story of how our suffragist foremothers were influenced by their Seneca and Haudenosaunee neighbors, a matrilineal way-of-life where men and women have always shared power. You can reach Destiny at
Visit our Family Bible Camp Website Here

July 18th Findley Lake Triathlon Festival



4th Annual Don't Tell Shirlee Concert in the Pines

Follow Pine Junction's

Facebook Page for updates!



Pine Junction is excited to announce this Fundraiser in conjunction with our 4th Annual Don’t Tell Shirlee Concert that will support The Findley Lake Fire Department! This is brought to you generously from Dave Warren Auto Group, Bentley Tree Care, Bentley Initiative LLC, Alexander Construction Co, Chautauqua Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning and Snap Fitness NE: K.O. Boxing Bootcamp!

Tickets can be bought in person at Pine Junction (cash only).

His and Her Bintelli E-Bike Set valued at $3698.

Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.

Winner will be drawn at our 4th Annual Don’t Tell Shirlee Concert in the Pines on Wednesday, July 31st. (Need not be present to win, however if you are present at the concert and are the lucky winner you will receive a bonus prize!!)

Thank you again to our generous sponsors and local businesses who are supporting one another! We are so thankful to our Findley Lake Community!

Bicentennial Merchandise Here

Findley Lake Watershed Foundation

CLICK HERE Treatment of Eurasian Watermilfoil in Findley Lake
Update on herbicide treatment in northern half of the lake. CLICK HERE


Make sure to check Community Connections Facebook Page for scheduled events. Monday-Friday at 8:45 AM Zoom Yoga. In Person Yoga every Friday. Every Tuesday Mahjong at 1:00pm in the Community Tea Room.

Please visit Community Connections website!

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July and August Findley Lake Library Summer Reading Program. .

July 4 - July 4th Celebration Day of Events

Duck Race 12:30PM, Boat Parade 2PM, Flare Lighting 9:30PM, Fireworks 10PM

Live Music at Alexander's OTL 1-4PM; Disney Themed Op-Up event at The Sharp Boutique 11:30AM-3:30PM Kids' Crafts, Photo Opportunities.

July 5 Community Connections Bingo at 1PM in the Communi-Tea Room in Findley Lake Community Center. Reservations are required 716-769-2473

July 5 Bison Trace Luxury Campground Live Music with Northern Accents 6-9PM. Open to the Public. Food available for purchase. BYOB

July 5 Peek'n Peak Bistro 210 Live Music with Garrett Owens 9:30PM-12:30AM

July 6 19th Annual Race Around the Lake Findley Lake Nature Trails Network Details on their Facebook Here

July 6 Peek'n Peak Bonfires and Brews Nick Magee & The Roadhouse Rockers 5-9PM on the Gazebo Grill Stage.

July 7-12 The Camp at Findley Youth Summer Camp Session Grades 1-8 day camp, 9am-5pm.

July 9 Alexander's OTL Live Music with Mike and Marie 7-9PM

July 12 Findley Lake Community Foundation Annual Meeting 5PM. Open to the Public. Join us at the Fire Company. More information to come.

July 12-14 Peek'n Peak Jimmy Buffett Tribute Weekend: Friday, Pirate Dreams on the Gazebo Grill Stage 5-9PM; Saturday Sun of Beaches on the Gazebo Grill Stage 5-9PM; Sunday Key west Express Lite 12-4PM on the Gazebo Grill State.

July 12 Peek'n Peak Bistro 210 Live Music with Lopaka Rootz Duo 9:30PM-12:30AM

July 13 Peen'n Peak Bistro 210 Live Music with Neville Francis & The Riddim Posse 9:30PM-12:30AM

July 14-19 The Camp at Findley Teen Mission Camp Grades 7-12, overnight camp.

July 15 - August 8 Summer Recreation Program. Packets will be available in late May.

CCS website, Dutch Village, Clymer Library and Findley Lake Library will have Registration Packets.

July 16 Alexander's OTL Live Music with Jesse James Weston 7-9PM

July 17 Community Connections Sunset Sounds on the Lake 6-7:30PM.

Bring your lawn chairs and enjoy live music with SHADYSIDE

July 18 Community Connections Coming Home The Incredible Journey of Our Oldest and Most Historic Building. Come learn about the log cabin that orginally stood at the Lakeside Assembly and its journey home. 1PM RSVP 716-769-2473

July 19 Community Connections Bingo at 1PM in the Communi-Tea Room in Findley Lake Community Center. Reservations are required 716-769-2473

July 20 Community Connections Zoomers will be visiting Cummins Engine Plant. Meet at plant at 10AM. RSVP BY JULY 15 716-769-2473

July 20 Alexander's OTL Hawaiian Night. More info to come.

July 20 Peek'n Peak Gazebo Grill Live Music with The High Life 5-9PM; Bistro 210 Live Music with Pendleton Station 9:30PM-12:30AM

July 21 Community Connections Full Moon Kayak Ride. Meet at the south end of the big island at 8:30PM. Weather permitting.

July 21-27 The Camp at Findley Family Bible Camp

July 23 Alexander's OTL Live Music Tim Bartlett 7-9PM

July 25 Community Connections A Family's Adventure in Italy. Join Lin and Marlene for a fun discussion about their recent Italy vacation at NOON at BISON TRACE LUXURY CAMPSITE RSVP 716-769-2473 - NEW LOCATION - NEW TIME WITH OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE LUNCH SEE FLYER ABOVE

July 27 Bison Trace Luxury Camping Live Music with Rankin & Schell 6-9PM. Open to the Public. Food available for purchase. BYOB

July 27 Peek'n Peak Gazebo Grill Stage Live Music with Bear The Bronze 5-9PM; Bistro 210 Live Music with Rick Magee & The Roadhouse Rockers 9:30PM-12:30AM

July 28 - Findley Lake Triathlon

July 28 - August 2 The Camp at Findley Youth Summer Camp Grades 1-8, day camp 9am-5PM

July 28 Peek'n Peak Bistro 210 Live Music with Tyler McClain 9:30PM-12:30AM

July 30 Alexander's OTL Live Music with Sarah Haggerty 7-9PM

July 31 - 4th Annual Don't Tell Shirlee Concert in the Pines at Pine Junction

Opening Acts: Garrett Owens and Chris Higbee. Check Pine Junction's Facebook page for hints!


August 2-3 Peek'n Peak Honky Tonk Weekend: Friday, The Swamp Yankees in Bistro 210 9:30PM-12:30AM; Saturday, Apple Jack Country Band on the Gazebo Grill Stage 5-9PM and Honkey Tonk Heroes in the Bistro 9:30PM-12:30AM.


August 6 Alexander's OTL Live Music with Tommy Link 7-9PM

August 9-11 Findley Lake's Bicentennial Celebration See flyer above. More info coming.

August 9 Peek'n Peak Singin' in the Peak Karaoke Gazebo Grill 6-9PM

August 10 Bison Trace Luxury Camping Live Music with Blues Beaters 6-9PM. Open to the public. Food available for purchase. BYOB

August 10 Peek'n Peak Bonfires and Brews Live Music on the Gazebo Grill Stage with Flight 5-9PM; Bistro 210 Iron Eyes Maybee 9:30PM-12:30AM

August 13 Alexander's OTL Live Music with Matthew Texter 7-9PM

August 16 Peek'n Peak Singin' in the Peak Karaoke Gazebo Grill 6-9PM; Bistro 210 Live Music with Garrett Owens 9:30pm-12:30AM

August 17 Alexander's OTL Backyard BBQ with Live Music Osborn Nash 5-8PM

August 17 The Camp at Findley - Awake Music Fest

August 17 Peek'n Peak Bonfires & Brews Live Music at the Gazebo Grill Stage with A Strange Kind of Sunshine 5-9PM; Bistro 210 Rick Magee & The Roadhouse Rockers 9:30PM-12:30AM.

August 20 Alexander's OTL Live Music with Acoustics by Fudge 7-9PM

August 23 Findley Lake Artists In Residence (FLAIR) 6PM-until dark. Artist Meet Up/Plein Air Experience. McDonald Home 2588 Sundyside Road, Findley Lake (come up the hill). Gardens galore, forested property and Buesink Creek will provide inspiration. This is a private property; bathrooms will be available. Please do not bring pets/animals.

August 23 Peek'n Peak Singin' in the Peak Karaoke Gazebo Grill 6-9PM; Bistro 210 Live Music with Interstate Daydreams 9:30PM-12:30AM.

August 24 Peek'n Peak Bonfires and Brews Live Music with Hellz Bellz on the Gazebo Grill Stage 5-9PM

August 27 Alexander's OTL Live Music with Tyler McClain 7-9

August 30, 31 September 1 Findley Lake Harvest Festival

Findley Lake Library Annual Book Sale During Harvest Fest

Music lineup so far: Friday evening Shady Side; Saturday Juvenile Characteristics, Theory of Evolution; Sunday Gabe Stillman. MORE TO BE ADDED

August 30 Peek'n Peak Gazebo Grill Singin' At the Peak Karaoke at the Gazebo Grill 6-9; Bistro 210 Live Music with Tyler McClain 9:30PM-12:30AM

August 31 Peek'n Peak Bonfires and Brews Live Music with Apple Jack 5-9PM

September 1 Peek'n Peak Bonfires and Brews Live Music with Theory of Evolution 5-9PM.

September 3 Alexander's OTL Live Music with Ion Sky 7-9PM

September 7 Bison Trace Luxury Camping Live Music with Rankin & Schell 6-9PM. Open to the Public. Food available for purchase. BYOB

September 8 PINE JUNCTION Myron Elkins 1PM and Smilo & The Ghost 2PM


September 14 Chautauqua County Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Day 9AM-2PM Chautauqua County DPF Building, 454 North Work, Falconer


September 28 Free Fishing Day in NY State.

September 28 Bison Trace Luxury Camping Live Music with Duke Sherman 6-9PM. Open to the Public. Food Available for purchase. BYOB

October 1 Alexander's OTL Halloween Trivia Night

October 12-13 & 19-20 Peek'n Peak Fall Fest 2024

October 26 Findley Lake Artists In Residence (FLAIR) 9:30AM-11:30AM Artist Meet Up/PleinAir Experience. Findley Lake Historic Cemetery, Rt. 426 Findley Lake, NW corner at the blinking light). No bathroom at this location, use waterwheel building 2 blocks away. Historic cemetery with a view of the lake.

November 2 Findley Lake Library Fall Craft Show 10AM-4PM in the Findley Lake Fire Hall.

November 2 Peek'n Peak Wurst Party Ever

November 5 Alexander's OTL Thanksgiving Trivia Night

November 10 Findley Lake Nature Trails Network Veterans Day Dinner at the Community Center 1:00-3:00PM. RSVP 814-899-8228

November 11 Veterans Day Free Fishing Day in NY State

November 12 Alexander's OTL Celebrity Chef TBA

November 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 Peek'n Peak Medieval Feast Dinner Theater

The Retreat Dinner Theater Info Here

November 23 & 24 Secret Cubby's 11th Annual Vintage Christmas

November 30 Alexander's OTL 2nd Annual Turkey Trot

December 3 Alexander's OTL Christmas Trivia Night

December 7 & 8 Findley Lake Christmas Through the Village

December 10 Alexander's OTL Celebrity Chef TBA

January 19, 2025 Findley Lake Annual Tree Burn at dusk.

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