Finding St. Germain 

Modern Sources Reveal Truth of Ancient Teachings

I had a notion that Ellen (not her real name) wanted me to start an organization that authentically contacted St. Germain and the masters. She had said numerous times that she would fund the project just as she had funded the early work of the Aquarian Foundation and Summit Lighthouse.
Ellen, a wealthy benefactor interested in having a direct connection to St. Germain, had met Keith Rhinehart at one of his renowned séances where he famously would go into a "closet," draw the curtain, and in the dark emit ectoplasm from his eyes, ears, and mouth (even with tape over them) that would form a shape of a master, or anyone the inquiring person was asking about. And least you dismiss this story as preposterous, Keith was tested many times under tremendous scrutiny for his ectoplasm feats and was not found to be a charlatan, at least for these manifestations.  
 In his youth, Keith was an amazing clairvoyant, and in the late sixty's he began to "channel" St. Germain, a practice that he did until his death in 1999. He set up the Aquarian Foundation to support his work, and Ellen was one of his earliest supporters-both financially and spiritually. So it was no surprise to me when I first met Ellen at her beach house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina that she would have in her possession some of the gems and crystals that Keith claimed were apported from his mouth, ears, and eyes. Keith believed that these treasures were part of a new "communion" with the spiritual world, and his followers, like Ellen, held them with deep reverence.
A mutual friend, Joanne Devaughn, introduced me to Ellen in the early seventies when I was stationed at Fort Bragg working for the Army Security Agency. They were both intrigued by his teachings which are still somewhat secret and quite developed, much like another spiritualists I would meet during this time through Ellen-Elizabeth Clare Prophet of the Summit Lighthouse.
When we met, Ellen was in her seventies. She was incredibly dynamic and formidable in her pursuits of spirituality, and was clairvoyant to a degree, which was easy for me to recognize having been clairvoyant since my birth. She studied everything-from Steiner to Blavatsky-so we had much to discuss. But as hard as I tried to help her get out of her materialistic thinking of spirituality, she was drawn to people like Keith Rhinehart and Mark Prophet who could make things manifest from the thin air into the physical world. Ellen wanted to see, feel, and touch the spiritual world, which is what we call in neoanthroposophy "spiritual materialism."

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We told you our Masters and Avatars series had started, so stay tuned for more to unfold......
Creating New Icons and Images

In my former "life" as an entrepreneur, one of my favorite books was  Blue Ocean Strategy. Most entrepreneurs operate in the "red ocean" of known market space, but once in awhile a product or service breaks loose into the "blue ocean," whether by intent or happenstance, and creates a new space where competition is irrelevant and the rules of the game are waiting to be set. Think of Cirque du Soleil that took two markets--the circus and theater--and created an untapped market space  that made the competition irrelevant.  

Likewise, Douglas and I set out to do this with Our Spirit: c reate a learning space for the spiritual initiate that is grounded in anthroposophy, but is dynamic and responsive to contemporary life experiences, while showing spiritual seekers how to achieve higher knowledge. 

This is what we call neoanthroposophy. 

The secret to understanding Our Spirit is to imagine it as an  ark of spiritual consciousness,  and to allow the images and experiences, whether they are from our on-line magazine, books, website, Ascend, Qube and sigils, to wash over you and help you open your organs of supersensible perception

This goes beyond the  intellectual pursuits of spiritual research and takes you to a  realm of Imagination-Inspiration-Intuition.  

It also involves protocols that you can do physically, such as the ASCEND program or the application of sigils, all of which can accelerate the process of opening your chakras. 

Thank you, Bruce Harman, for this glass bead--an artistic expression of Pele. Are you ready to contribute a bead to the Glass Bead Game? 

We hope that our body of work, which is just beginning to unfold, offers you a new form of literary and spiritual experience that brings together a variety of mediums, genres, and portals to help you know higher worlds.  

This journey will take you beyond a 3D/4D experience of the world. We show you how to walk through the limited matrix of the ordinary world into an unlimited and boundless space of higher dimensions, possibilities, and spiritual beings. 
The Gospel of Sophia series is a magical journey for those ready to step into its pages. For those of you that have read volume 1, did you notice that the first chapter is a mirror of who you are? 

For example, how did you experience Pele, the triple goddess? Who is the narrator of this journey into the volcano? Is it a man? A woman? The author or someone else? Is it fact or fiction? Reality or a dream? Your answer is  a mirrored reflection that can reveal
your own relationship to the divine feminine.

With that in mind, how did you experience the stories so far about St. Germain? 


What a delight to see such a robust conversation on the Anthroposophy group site about this article. 

Some of you were aghast that I would be speaking with Christian; others delighted in learning something new about Nibiru and Schumann Waves.

This article kicks off  our Masters and Avatars series, and if you missed it, just click here:  Conversations with St. Germain.  Like the first chapter in The Gospel of Sophia, this article can serve as a reflection of your own relationship to the masters. You should probably reflect upon that before reading our series on the masters. 
Did you find the story too fantastical and retreat into your intellectual safe-space of "Steiner-saids" or did you take the opportunity to fly on the wings of Imagination to a place beyond the ordinary? 

W as the story fiction or non-fiction? Could it be possible to have a conversation with a master today? What is your relationship to the masters and avatars? 

What do you think it was like to have actually met a master like Comte St. Germain, or any master, during one of their incarnations? Are they with us today? How do you think ordinary people would respond to such an encounter?

Are you content swimming in the  red ocean 
...or are you already with us in the 
blue ocean?

Let's not forget, dear readers, that one of  our guides is Douglas Gabriel , an anthroposophic scholar and master Waldorf teacher trainer, who shaped and inspired the contemporary fairy tales of Star Wars and Indiana Jones and paranormal tales like Poltergeist. People all over the world, for many decades, have been nourished, whether they were aware of it or not, with the images and archetypes of anthroposophy that he freely shared with others. 

If you enjoyed these Hollywood stories of spiritual awakening, why not embrace your Imagination and experience what we have to offer at Our Spirit?

In closing, I wanted to give you an example of a "blue ocean" experience. Take the timeless art form of dance and join it with contemporary music and high-tech stage lighting. All you need to do is let your Imagination soar.  


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