Elephant Update – Living Wild and Free

The pastures are lush, rain is plentiful, indigenous wildlife are active throughout the habitat, and Bo, Mundi and Tarra are thriving.
Mundi continues to amaze us with her ability to adapt to her new and completely different life. In the midday heat, she can be found sleeping with Bo. Later as the sun starts to descend, she grazes with Tarra and plays with Bo around the pond. She is curious and fearless and demonstrates an inner calmness.
Bo and Mundi enjoy an afternoon nap
This month Mundi and Samie made a major and long-awaited breakthrough. The key to their developing relationship was for Mundi to fully realize that Samie’s boisterous, tail-wagging antics was play behavior. From that moment forward the game was on! With Mundi in hot pursuit, Samie darts back and forth, leaping in joy, playing chase with his new elephant friend.
Mundi and Samie have fun in the mud
Halfway through a 20-minute playtime, Mundi runs into the mud wallow, kicks mud in all directions, plants her face in the gooey, cooling mud, and dashes out after Samie again. Their game is so much fun to watch and is often caught on our EleCam for everyone to see.
Tarra in the shelter of the forest
With the days in the high 90’s, Bo seeks shelter under a giant oak midday, side by side with Mundi as they nap. Tarra migrates into the lush forest and streams of the back 750 acres to nap and graze while benefiting from the shelter the forest provides. By late afternoon Tarra returns to Bo and Mundi to check in and reaffirm their friendship.

All is well at Elephant Refuge North America.
LTR: Mundi, Bo and Tarra
Year of Care for Mundi
Mundi is living free and loving every moment! Those watching the Refuge EleCam since her arrival on May 12th have witnessed her reach milestone after milestone in only two months.

Mundi quickly established a healthy relationship with Tarra and then Bo, ready to share the same 850-acre habitat with them after only two weeks. Not only did Mundi feel safe and confident enough to form friendships after 35 years of not seeing another elephant, she also played in the ponds, wandered the vast pastures and woods (Tarra and Bo always within sight), and slept outside, taking in the evening sounds of spring.

You can help celebrate Mundi’s many milestones by contributing to her first year of care. With $84,919 donated so far, we are at 59% of our goal. Will you chip in to support Mundi? No contribution is too small!
The cost of Mundi’s care covers food, supplements, veterinary care, caregivers, and fuel for the 4-wheeler that makes multiple daily trips into the habitat to deliver her food and care.

By contributing to A Year of Care for Mundi, you will become a member of her family, ensuring her bright future.

We hope you’ll help us give this resilient elephant the life she deserves.

We appreciate your support as every donation makes a difference.
Savvy Supporter and Her Hand-Painted Stones
This month one of Mundi's most dedicated advocates and EAI supporter used her creative talents to help our Refuge elephants. Artist Maritza Curet, resident of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, painted a series of images using natural stone as a canvas featuring Mundi, Tarra, Bo and friends at Elephant Refuge North America (ERNA). Her first series of colorful, collectible, individually numbered, hand-painted stones sold out in one day after photos were posted on our Facebook page! And now she has completed her second series, on sale now.
Since all proceeds benefit ERNA, these stones are both a fund-raising and educational opportunity as Maritza created "La Piedrita de Mundi" (Mundi's Little Stone) to, through art, raise social awareness for the liberation movement carried out for the captive animals of the closed Puerto Rico Zoo.
The good news is Maritza has painted a second series of stones for the Refuge. Each will be for indoor use, 3" to 5" approximately, made from natural stone, acrylic and watercolor paints, and Dragonfly glaze with permanent vinyl details. All are sealed in high quality resin to protect the art and allow the colors to show through.
Get your custom 2nd series stone here while they last https://elephantaidinternational.org/hand-painted-stones/, then stay tuned to our Facebook page for the next series of gorgeous hand-painted stones!
A Special Thank You - Subscriber Premiere Video
Fun in the Mud. Click the image above to watch!
As always, we greatly appreciate your interest, commitment and help. You make our work for elephants possible. Thank you!
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