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Pictured: Our cold-pressed, organic, raw Spicy Carrot juice and our H.A.A.M. Sandwich, from Peoples Deli! Photo by Dreams + Gasoline
Looking forward to some fun in the sun? Let us help take care of your natural sunscreen, bug spray &  
travel essential needs!

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Happy July 
& Happy Independence Day! 

On Tues., July 4th our stores will be open 9am-5pm.
Peoples Wellness Centers will be closed.

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Behind the Screen: 
What's in YOUR Sunscreen?
By Amy Tyler, ND

With a dizzying array of sunscreens to choose from, how can one tell which products are SAFE and EFFECTIVE?Learn to screen your sunscreen!              Read more  →
Whether Hunter, Gatherer or Desk Jockey, Foot Health Matters 
By Dr. Chris Gumbs, PT 

More than 80% of people will have foot problems in their lifetime. Avoid the pain! Find the shoes that are best for your feet!          

A Mindful Approach to Kids' Eating Habits   
By Dr. Aditi Sule, MD, Pediatrician

Parents often have concerns about their child's weight. Here are 12 ways to address childhood obesity and improve overall wellness!
         Read more  
What Does Your Food Allergy Test
By Amy Nelson, ND

Often people claim they've had food allergy testing but "nothing came up." Could food could still be triggering inflammation? Perhaps so! Not all food allergy testing is created equal. 
        Read more  

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