MTSU hones plans to safely welcome students to campus
As schools and universities across the country hone their plans to educate students this fall, the CIM program at Middle Tennessee State (MTSU) is striving to maintain the personal connection with students, hands-on emphasis in the classroom, and industry connections that make the program and students so successful. With Spring grads in great standing in the industry and internships settled for the summer, the faculty and staff of the CIM programs have worked hard this summer to plan and prepare for new course delivery methods in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

MTSU, home of the flagship CIM program, plans to have students on campus in some capacity, with social distancing measures in place, beginning Aug. 24. With over half of courses (56%) at MTSU moving to online delivery, most of the nearly 20 concrete classes will be delivered in a hybrid manner; with an online and an in-person, often laboratory, component.  Click here to read more about MTSU's return to campus plans.