July means summer is in full swing! Family outings and vacations are planned with lots of pool time fun. But what about your dog? The worst place for your
dog is being outside in the summer heat, so we'll discuss the dangers and what you can do. If you have a dog, or cat, who loves to swim or one who needs to learn, there are many swimming pool safety tips to keep in mind. You love your feline, but sometimes he claws at furniture. Before you think about declawing, learn why it's not the best idea. All the informati on is right here in this month's Pet Tips and Treats newsletter, which is filled with valuable information. Remember to watch for our periodic special discount "treat" just for you and your pet to enjoy. Don't forget to share the love and send our newsletter to others who also cherish their pets.

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July 2018

We love July! From National Lost Pet Prevention Month and ID Your Pet Day to Pet Fire Safety Day and National Mutt Day, this month rocks for animals!

July 1, ID Your Pet Day
July 4, Independence Day. The sound of fireworks causes many dogs to panic, run and become lost
July 13-17, AVMA Annual Convention in Denver, CO
July 14, Shark Awareness Day
July 15, Pet Fire Safety Day
July 31, National Mutt Day
The Dangers of Leaving Your Dogs Outside During the Hot Summer Months
The summer months in Arizona are just plain hot and can be unbearable. Most people spend the summer going from air-conditioned home to air-conditioned car to air-conditioned workplace. Staying outdoors for too long can be uncomfortable and even dangerous. So, imagine what it's like for dogs who are left outside for too long.

Make Sure Your Pets Are Safe in and Around the Swimming Pool

It's summer and everyone wants to make a splash in the pool. What about your pets? Do you have a dog or cat who loves the water (yes, there are some cats who do!). You may have a pet who is hesitant about swimming. It's important to ensure pets are safe around the pool and to prevent accidents.

What Declawing Your Cat Truly Means and Why You Should Think Twice

There is a lot of controversy around the subject of declawing cats and with good reason. Declawing is not just simply trimming a cat's nails; it's much more involved, serious and often deemed inhumane. If you are thinking of declawing your cat, it is important to get as much information as you can.

Employee of the month :
Nathan Childers, Guest Service Attendant

Starting at the age of 16 with his first job, Nathan Childers began working as a dog bather. He then moved to doggy daycare, and then to caring for dogs and cats in boarding at a veterinary hospital before coming on board almost a year ago at Second Home Pet Resort.
As a Guest Service Attendant, Nathan works the evening shift on weekends, which includes cleaning the suites, walking and feeding the dogs, and ensuring suites are set up for next day arrivals. He enjoys everything about his role, "all the way down to making sure that the dogs are happy, the yards are clean and safe, everyone is not stressed out, and that they feel like they're at home," he said.
Every day is different. "You could be walking dogs, cleaning and feeding one day and walking or taking care of a rescue the next day," he said.
When it comes to Second Home's animals and pet parents, nothing is out of the question, as all the staff members go above and beyond to tend to them. "I can go home at night knowing that I did something good, and that is something I can be proud of," Nathan said.
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