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Justice is served!
Here in India, where less than .1% of wildlife crimes are successfully prosecuted, 6 tiger poachers were convicted and sent to jail.
5 men and one woman are convicted of tiger poaching

We want to thank you!


The wild tiger population has plummeted to levels that threaten the species' survival. The loss of each animal is a tragedy and therefore it is imperative that we stand strong against poachers.

In a time where we hear only alarming news about tigers, we thought it would be worthwhile to pause and bring you some news of a recent victory that you helped make happen.

It took fourteen months of investigations, court procedures, opposing bail, trials and arguments to get the final judgement. But it was worth the wait to get a 'guilty' conviction.

The six poachers (including one woman) were convicted and sentenced to three years imprisonment. This is a landmark decision because the conviction rates are so low in India for wildlife crime (less than 0.1%). 

We thank you for helping Wildlife SOS to assist the Karnataka Forest Dept. to achieve this victory.  We are grateful to you, because the forests will be safer for tigers to roam free!


Geeta Seshamani
Co-Founder Wildlife SOS

Tiger Jaw Trap
Tiger Jaw Trap

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