Dear LHEC Superintendents and Board Members,  


Time rolls along and we finally have a NYS budget agreement. The links below allow for the changes made in the Enacted Budget. See what public education is getting and what we are not, as well as an analysis of projected aid by district.

Review of State Budget Priorities
Enacted Budget School Aid Analysis

On the topic of budget... Wishing you all a positive outcome! 

The LHEC Steering Committee

Chair: Kelly Lappan, - DCSBA

Kim Fontana - LHCSS

Sandi Jeanette - RCSBA

Kevin McCahill - LHCSS

Barbara Parmly - WPSBA

Emily Rubin Persons - WPSBA

Joseph Ricca - LHCSS

Ray Sanchez - LHCSS

Marjorie Schiff - WPSBA

LHEC Administrator: Karen Belanger