September 14 -
September 17, 2023
Even with a hurricane, it was another great weekend at Scarborough Fish & Game. That was a first for us to have a hurricane in the middle of a four-day shoot and still have bigger turn out than last year. Sunday was incredibly busy (to make up for the lost Saturday), and we want to thank everyone that came out to shoot, giving us a record turnout for the old Zone One Championship.

As you heard, we are moving the All Star Shoot Off to the New England Super Sporting Championship in October. The new Shoot Off date is October 7. What you may not have heard is we are expanding the shoot and have some exciting new events planned. Information will be out soon. Hint…don't put away your sub-gauge guns just yet.

As always, the Main event and the Partridge Tune Up targets will be open this Wednesday from 10am-5pm and next Sunday from 10am-2pm. Come on back and try them all again. Also, we have plenty of ammo available if you need shells to figure out some of those big targets on the main!

This year’s sub gauge course was fun and challenging. Thanks to Bernie Raimo for setting great targets! Congratulations to the following winners:
12ga: CH Tracy Newell 48; RU Sanford Whitehouse 47
Fluff 50: CH Earle Glidden 49; RU Dan Parks 49
Super Sporting 50: CH Earle Glidden 49; RU Kevin Kennedy 49
20ga: CH Earle Glidden 50; RU Ben Carmon 47
28ga: CH Sam Foulds 49; RU Earle Glidden 48
.410: CH Kevin Kennedy 47; RU Jim Boothby, III 45
Pump: CH Josh Caron 48; RU Grey Hagwood 45
SxS: CH Josh Caron 44; RU Joe Bertrand 42

Congratulations to this year's sub gauge Champions!

We had three, 100 target events to warm up on. The 20 gauge, 100 target event is always fun. Earle Glidden took HOA with a 98 - great shooting Earle. Kim Noyes was RU with a 95. The 100 target Super Sporting was won by David England with a 97. Runner Up was Michael Burton with a 95. Congratulations to both! The Partridge Tune-Up Prelim was friendly but technical. Dan Warner took HOA with a 96. He was followed closely by John Carbone with a 95 for RU. Congratulation to both! And special Prelim shout out to Heidi Lessard for winning Lady CH with an 80...great shooting Heidi and great consistency all weekend!

This year's Old Zone One Championship was one of the hardest that we have seen at Scarborough. And they also had some of the longest distance thrown at Scarborough. These were targets you would see at a Regional Championship. It is only a few times a year we get to see true tournament style targets, and this was one of those times. But, believe it or not, as hard as it felt, it was won by only one target less than last year's score. 

First, we want to congratulate this year's old Zone Championship concurrent winners:
LADY: Kim Noyes
SUB JR: Colton Copp
VET: Micah Parker
SV: Mark Schreyer
SSV: Gary Mason
LG: Henry Ellis

Congratulations to all of this year's class winners:
Hunter: Rick Savage
E class: Tammy Newell
D class: Joe Bonner
C class: Richard Seifert
B class: Edward Archambeault
A class: Tony Marino
AA class: Micah Parker
M class: Michael Keene

Now for the old Zone One Champion:
This years runner up is Sam Foulds with a 83.
The 2023 old Zone One Champion is...
Earle Glidden with a stellar 88.
Congratulations Earle and Sam, great shooting by both of you!

And finally, the important part, Thank You. Thank you to Greg & Sharon Berry and Leisha Nadeau for all that great food and hospitality. Thank you to Lisa and Bill for registration and scoring all those events. Thank you to all of our volunteers that put in weeks of work to get this shoot ready and run so smooth: Jim, Randy, Tom, Bernie, Steve, Pam, Ron. Thanks to Randy, Andy, John & Chuck for all the help running the course this weekend. I'm sure I have missed some people. Thanks to guest target setters and designers Bernie Raimo and Chuck Willey who came up with those challenging targets.

Well, the OLD Zone One Championship is a wrap. Can't wait to see you all, again, at the New England Super Sporting Championship (October 6-8).

New England Super Sporting Championships
October 6-8, 2023
Registration Opens, Wednesday, September 27, 2023.
The shoot information email will go out next Wednesday, September 27, by end of day. The events will be NSCA registered.
Our scores can be found on, and we usually email the link out the next day - as always let us know if you notice any errors.

If you are already signed up for an event but can’t shoot (or know that a squad mate isn’t going to show), please email to let us know. We greatly appreciate your help with this.

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