Saturday, February 11 -
Sunday, February 12, 2023
Another great weekend at Scarborough Fish & Game. That was some great February weather (much better than last weekend) I wish all winters in Maine were like this. And everybody made it out in time to watch the Super Bowl. 

We will have the sporting clays course open this Wednesday from 9am to 3pm. Both Frozen Five #4 and #4.5 targets will be up. This is a one off day, the course is not open for the season yet.   

Great News...Next Sunday, February 19th, we are going to have another TRIPLES event (non registered), and this time we will also have a 100 target SUPER SPORTING event for those of you that still don’t have an auto loader. Super Sporting will be NSCA registered. Registration is open on

For those of you who have never shot triples, it is FUN. We will have 11 stations with 3 triples at each station (one station will also have a single). They will all be Simo triples, which means 3 targets in the air at once. You must have an auto loader or a pump to use. Triples is not a registered event, but will be run with NSCA rules to manage and score. So dig out your auto loader, or if you don’t have one, this is a perfect reason to buy a new gun. The event will be European start. The course will open at 8am to 3pm.

Frozen Five #4 was a little more challenging than prior shoots. There were several very technical stations with pairs that could be taken either way. Kevin Kennedy shot a great score of 96...congratulations Kevin. Runner up was Dan Warner with a 93...congrats Dan. The 4.5 event was equally challenging. Some targets had a little more distance. Earle Glidden took HOA with a 94 - congrats Earle. He was followed closely by Kevin Kennedy, David Obolewicz and Sanford Whitehouse - all with a 93. Kevin took RU on tiebreaker - congrats to all!  

Thanks to Greg and Sharon Berry for serving a great lunch again (the meatloaf was delicious!). Thanks to Lisa and Bill for registration and scoring. Thanks to all the people that worked so hard this weekend to run the shoot, Jim, Tom, Steve, Pam, Bill, Chuck, Andy, Neal and Ron.

To register, please register on On ScoreChaser, if you have an NSCA number, please type it into the NSCA ID field (and press enter) when registering - it will automatically pull all your information from the NSCA database and load your class information. If you use ScoreChaser to register for events outside of Maine, please use ScoreChaser to register for our events.

As you know, we are now putting all our shoots up on (including Triples). It is easy to create a free account. We strongly urge all our shooters to go out and create a FREE account and become familiar with the website. If you are having trouble creating an account on ScoreChaser, please reach out to their technical support. Need help creating your ScoreChaser account, go to ScoreChaser’s Tutorial Video.

We've had some questions about how to register multiple shooters on ScoreChaser. Go in and register yourself (if you have an NSCA number, be sure to put that in the proper field on the first page). When you get to the payment page (no payment is due until you get to the club to register in), at the bottom next to the "REGISTER" button, please click "+REGISTER ANOTHER SHOOTER". You will need to do that for each shooter you wish to register. Filling out the squadding information, DOES NOT register additional shooters in. If you are registering someone after you have already sent in your registration, go back to the main page of our shoot. Below the green button "My Registration" on that main page, click "+REGISTER ANOTHER SHOOTER".

Next up after this Sunday's Triples & Super Sporting, will be be Frozen Five #5 & 5.5 (the one where we award all the prizes). Hope to see you all at both Triples and the next Frozen Five.

February Triples & Super Sporting
February 19, 2023
Registration now open on

Frozen Five #5 (and 5.5)
March 4 & 5, 2023
Registration Opens next Tuesday, February 21, 2023.
The shoot information email will go out next February 21, by end of day. The events will be NSCA registered. Once again, it will be up ScoreChaser for registration.
Our scores can be found on, and we usually email the link out the next day - as always let us know if you notice any errors.

If you are already signed up for an event but can’t shoot (or know that a squad mate isn’t going to show), please cancel on ScoreChaser or please email to let us know. We greatly appreciate your help with this.

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