Sandusky City Hall - Columbus & Washington Ave.
Old buildings creating a home for new ideas

Old buildings have intrinsic value as reminders of a community's complexity, culture and character.  It seems fitting that as Sandusky approaches its 200th birthday it is embarking upon a massive restoration project that will return three historic properties to their glory days in the heart of the City's vibrant downtown.
An overhaul of 51,000 sq. ft. built in the 1920s is not your typical construction project, but the team this opportunity has brought together is more than equipped to handle it.  The development team includes:
  • The City of Sandusky - The project's anchor tenant, master orchestrator and cheerleader of a vibrant central business district.
  • Vintage Development Group - Vintage got their start thirty years ago when the company took on a dilapidated property in Willoughby, Ohio.  The team saw how one renovation can be inspiring to an entire neighborhood's development, transforming abandoned storefronts into a bustling historic business district.  The company's maintained a commitment to revival ever since, taking on projects that have significant impact for the cities in which they occur. The group's expertise lies in crafting and building lasting neighborhoods.
  • Marous Brother Construction - The Marous family's been in the construction business since the 1980s.  They first applied their carpentry expertise to a historic building in 1985 when they transformed a decaying building to their first corporate headquarters.  This was the launch into historic renovation and over the next five years the company would restore six additional properties in their neighborhood.  This foundation and quality reputation has led them to notable projects across Northeast Ohio like Jacobs Field, downtown Cleveland's Central YMCA, the Arcade and many more.
  • Larry Knauer - A local resident with a passion for historic structures, Larry purchased the Old Calvary Temple Building a few years ago.  His mission was in preserving the structure and without his engagement today's City Hall project would not be possible.
The vision for the three buildings at the corner of Columbus & Washington Ave. is for a multi-use structure that will include 18 apartments, 3 new retail storefronts and Sandusky's own City Hall. Once brought to life, the project is expected to create 25 new jobs in the City, independent of City Hall, and $600,000 in annual payroll.  Furthermore, a $12M construction project has economic impact of its own in supporting 44 new construction jobs and $4.1M in construction wages.
Sandusky Chief Development Officer, Matt Lasko, further explained drivers behind the project: "Moving the City's administrative functions to the core of downtown will prove to be catalytic for the continued and expanded revitalization of the City of Sandusky and Erie County.  The City's role as an anchor tenant in the mixed-use project will leverage an additional $6 million in private investment and bring additional in-demand housing units on line.  The project will also activate 50,000 square feet and enhance daytime and early evening foot traffic to the benefit of our downtown merchants and restaurants."

On this final development highlight we're excited to share a public-private collaboration that will have benefits not only for the local economy, but also for our community's culture. Thank you to the talented development team, whose renovations of old buildings will give home to new ideas.
Abbey Bemis, Executive Director
Happy Holidays
Thank you for joining our 2017 email series celebrating another year of progress in Erie County.  The holiday season brings an opportunity for pause and reflection, and we've certainly left excited by the companies and organizations investing, improving and innovating in our community.   Best wishes for a happy holiday season and new year filled with health, happiness, and spectacular success.  Let us know how we can help!