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Welcome to the current edition (Volume 38) of our bi-weekly newsletter "LEAD LIKE ANDREW." It's a quick-read, multi-topic news channel for members to see what is going on, what is planned, and what successes from the previous weeks.

We urge you to contact us with news, tidbits, or notices of upcoming events in your area so that we can include them! We also value your feedback on this newsletter or how your national office is serving you.

Please contact Conrad Jones (email Conrad) or

Dr. Roy Benavides (email Roy) for feedback or for sharing newsletter information!

Please share this newsletter with other men in your parish or community.

Our national webinars continue!

Our March Webinar will be with Erica Neubauer as our guest. Erica provided the development for the brand-new overhaul of our Brotherhood website! She will give us a short tour around our new site and answer any questions you might have. Please take a look at the website at www.brothersandrew.net

Erica is a brand and web designer specializing in logos, branding, print designs and Wordpress websites. She has a Masters in Graphic Design and 13 years of experience as a self-employed designer working with churches, small businesses and non-profits. Erica is married to an Episcopal priest named Zac and they live in California with their 4 sons.

Mark your calendar NOW for Wednesday, March 1 at 8pm EST/7pm CST/6pm MST/5pm PST and join at this Zoom link


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Episcopal Church Lent resources


Click the button below for new and updated resources for individuals, small groups, and congregations, including the following:

  • Lent curriculum, sermons, lesson plans, devotionals, and meditations
  • Lent Madness
  • “Life Transformed: The Way of Love in Lent” – adult forum sessions with videos
  • “Prophetic Voices: Preaching and Teaching Beloved Community” podcast series
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  • 40-day gratitude challenge
  • Publicity material, bulletin inserts, and more

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Pray Day

Join us...

What better way to level set during the middle of the week? We will be holding a weekly Wednesday, 12 noon (CDT) prayer time over ZOOM open to all Brothers and guests. Let's pray for the Brotherhood, for our Brothers, and even share some stories of how Prayer has impacted you or someone you know!

We can all spare 20 minutes in prayer. It's like making a stop at the faith service station to fill up your prayer tank!

Please join us every week when you can to recharge your prayer batteries!

The Zoom link can be accessed by clicking here. 

Copy and paste this Zoom link in your calendar so you can join us for 20 minutes

every Wednesday 1pm EST/noon CST/11am MST/10amPST!


Prayer Leaders Schedule

February 8 Tom Martin

February 15 Chris Matthews

February 22 Roy Benavides

March 1 Tom Welch

March 8 Tom Martin

March 15 Jeff Butcher

March 22 Jeff Butcher

March 29 John Thompson-Quartey

April 5 Tom Welch

If you'd like to lead the program on a Wednesday, it's simple...we already have the script made out (in our devotional handbook or the Book of Common Prayer)!

We're done in about 20 minutes....that's it!

Contact conrad.jones@brothersandrew.net or roy.benavides@brothersandrew.net

It’s finally here!

Our newly refurbished Brotherhood website is up and running!

Go to www.brothersandrew.net to see all things Brotherhood! Let us know your thoughts and if you have ideas for anything else (especially we can always use MORE pictures of chapter and member activities)! The new site makes it easier to enroll new members, purchase Brotherhood swag, look at Executive Board minutes and Financial reports access our 7 Ministry resources, read about our history and even update your member information! And TONS more!!

The new website was made possible by a designated donations and the hard work of our website team including Communications VP Gary Allman, Bros. Roy Benavides, Tom Welch, Conrad Jones and Support Specialist Jess Shelton.

Thank you!!!!!

National Days

We have several days of celebration during 2023 so mark your calendars now when you or your chapters are planning events this year!

National Day of Prayer - May 5

We will again be coordinating a joint celebration with the Daughters of The King. If you would like to assist in our joint planning with them please let Conrad or Roy know. We could use a couple more volunteers with working on the script of prayers and the presentation format.

National Day of Service - July 29

We pushed this to later in the year so as not to overload the spring with Day of Prayer, Day of Service and Holy Week

Houghteling Day - November 30

Celebrate our 140th Anniversary!

National Council Meeting - September 9 (tentative)

A Thought Worth Sharing with Our Brothers

A Quote from The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston

"We do not all have to agree to be in community, but we all need to abide by the charter of that community. In this spiritual community that means practicing what we preach. We welcome the stranger. We treat each person with respect. We listen to different viewpoints. We speak in a conversational way. We pray with and for one another. We stand together in times of need or danger. Our opinions may vary, but our love remains constant: unity born of diversity." all Brothers Andrew


Brotherhood Race and Reconciliation Committee’s Sacred Ground Dialogue Circles

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew Ministry for Race and Reconciliation Committee will be establishing and supporting Sacred Ground Dialogue Circles beginning this Spring. These dialogue circles are based on the curriculum for Sacred Ground Dialogue Circles that was been developed and supported by the Episcopal Church Race and Reconciliation Ministry.


Recently, several brothers of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew have participated in dialogue circles and now will be facilitating several circles in the Spring. If you have an interest, you can review the program at the following link https://www.episcopalchurch.org/ministries/racial-reconciliation/.


Signing up for a session will only require that you will commit to being an active part of a circle.

The sessions, however, usually meet regularly and will be facilitated by members of the Brotherhood. The circles are limited to small groups of participants counting the facilitators.


If you are interested in the following group please contact Bro. Bob Engram at rlengram@astound.net.


Proposed Logistics for the Sacred Ground Dialogue Circle for

St. John’s Episcopal Church – Naperville, Illinois. 


Facilitators: Jack Hanstein, John T. Quartey, Rory Smith, Dr. Roy Benavides


Meeting Frequency: Once a month or twice a month? Twice a month – Preferred

Meeting Dates: Second and Fourth Monday of the month – Preferred

Meeting Start Time: Either 5:30 or 6:00 pm CST/CDT


Sacred Ground Circle Kick-Off/Get Acquainted Meeting: February 27th

Sacred Ground Circle Sessions Begin: March 13th and March 27th


Sacred Ground Circle Registration Link: Provided by Bob Engram rlengram@astound.net and Jack Hanstein jackhanstein038@gmail.com.

Sacred Ground Circle Participants: Provided by St. John’s BOSA (Bill Powell, Randy

Russell, Bob Engram – Owners)


Additional African American Resource Members: Drawn from RR & AMP; HC and Local

Churches where needed.  (Bob Engram – Owner)


Other SACRED GROUND DIALOGUE CIRCLES are being planned and your should contact Jack Hanstein jackhanstein038@gmail.com Rory Smith Racial.rec@brothersandrew.net Roy Benavides (roy.benavides@brothersandrew.net) for more information on these pending groups for the Spring.

From the Director’s Chair

By Tom Welch, Executive Director

Membership Tokens are here! As the office had planned months ago, the membership tokens arrived by the end of January.

As you have been reading, all members in good standing for 2023 will be receiving BStA Membership Tokens. Our office goal was to have the first batch of those going out in the first full week of February. Let me first share with you who “the office” is at the two locations. Support Staff Specialist Jess Shelton lives on John’s Island, SC (her husband is a rector there) and works completely remotely from her home as she has for over four years. The other location is in Louisville, KY, where we actually have 1200+/- square feet plus storage. That’s where I work. I’m the only full-time person there. It is from Louisville where all mail is processed, new member packets, supplies, mailings, accounting and print publications are generated.

The Kingdom-Builder Sweepstakes involved 2100 packets being prepped by volunteers here at the Louisville Office. The same process is being used for issuing the Membership Tokens. The problem this week is that I have Covid and have been instructed to stay home. (It’s definitely something to not get if you can help it. Even with the shots, I guess it’s my turn.) This is pushing distribution scheduling down the road one week. Here’s how things will be disbursed:

A. All Life Members who are NOT Members-At-Large will have theirs sent directly to the chapter/church as part of a group mailing to lower costs.

B. All Senior Members affiliated with a chapter will receive theirs from the Chapter Director. The Membership Committee’s hope was for them to be distributed possibly at a church service in an effort to promote our ministry from the pulpit. The above two will be going out around the same time.

C. All Members-at-Large will be receiving theirs individually. Those will be the first ones to go out. To meet our bulk rate mailing rate we must mail them out in batches of 200 or more.


So, to all chapters, it is imperative to have any stragglers out there slow to have offered their pledge at the end of 2022 please have them in by February 15th. Those may be done by check or on-line via our website landing page.

Thank you for your prayers(especially for the ill), your pledges and your faithfulness!





Our Brotherhood database accuracy is an ongoing process. Please check your information on our new website: Brothersandrew.net to update. Keep your cell phone up to date.

We are also exploring the use of a text messaging system to help us as we expand our communications (it will have an opt out option should you chose).

If anyone of you wants to hear more about this, or even consider a donation to help fund it (~$3,500 annually), please let us know!!!

Pastoral Update on Bishop Carl Wright

The Rt. Rev. Carl Wright, former bishop suffragan for Armed Forces and Federal Ministries of the Episcopal Church, former archdeacon in the Diocese of Maryland, and Honorary Board Chair Emeritus of the Union of Black Episcopalians, yesterday came through brain surgery well at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. He is recovering in the intensive care unit and may be moved to a regular room soon.

Please pray for his continued recovery and healing:

O Father of mercies and God of all comfort, our only help in

time of need: We humbly beseech thee to behold, visit, and

relieve thy sick servant Carl for whom our prayers are desired.

Look upon him with the eyes of thy mercy; comfort him with

a sense of thy goodness; preserve him from the temptations

of the enemy; and give him patience under his affliction. In

thy good time, restore him to health and enable him to lead

the residue of his life in thy fear, and to thy glory; and grant

that finally, he may dwell with thee in life everlasting; through

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Membership Updates

(Through 2/8/23)

898 Sr. Members paid (47% of budget need)

116 New Members!

424 Life Members

9 Junior Members (180% of budget)

21 Associate Members (105% of budget)

Have you sent in your 2023 renewal YET?

See how your Province is doing below!


The 2023 President's Trophy Challenge!

(see chart above)

The first Province to reach 100% renewals of their YE2022 membership numbers by February 28 will be presented

The President's Cup!


the first Province to reach 125% of their 2022 numbers will win a free night paid accommodations at the 2024 Triennial in Baltimore!

The Race Is On!

(results as of Feb 7)

Our Fellowship Community of Brothers is blessed by your membership!!!

Welcome New Members in 2023!

(most recent in bold font)

Jonathan Quinn, Matthew Abrams, Jose Calderon, Charles Collins, David Cotton, Brian Couvillion, Eugene Dickens, Susan Dickens, William Dove, Hank Drummond, Jesus Garcia, Lowell Garrett, Steven Gottlieb, Don Grace, Bill Grenek, George Guy, Doug Halversen, Larry Harris, Edmun Horn, Bobby Horne, Dillard Horton, Charles John, Sam Johnson, Jarvis Jones, Warren Josephson, Michael Kawesa, Kerry Kirspel, Scott Klaverkamp, Christopher Klukas, Alex Lenzo, Michael Leonard, Richard MacMaster

Wally Marx, Tem McElroy, Peter McGanity, Scott Meiller, John Mell

Kyle Morin, James Morton, Steven Norman, Bernard Pecaro, Mark Penley

Bruce Pinkham, Dan Power, Benjamin Rainey, Kerr Ramsay, Charles Reece

Daniel Rodriguez, Steven Rodriguez, Ali Ronaldi, Andy Rossi, Charles Roy

Ken Schloesser, David Schrantz, Timothy J Seidler, Bob Sellinger, Zachary Shives, Frank Simcik, Michael Solomonides, Lawrence Stankus, Thomas Stevens, Micah Thornton, Mark Tittel, Art Travenor, Vinnie Versaci, Bradley Wasko, David Wesson, George White, Gary Whitener, Bruce Wilson, Matthew Woolley, Bob Coon, David Maultsby, David Rummler, Robert Gambill, Richard Hall, Gary Pebworth, John Shivel, William Sepe, Bill Harvey, Dick McGuire, Buck Barnes, John Brechtenwald, Matthew Levesque, James Thompson, Edward England, Walt Joyce, Chuck Kane, Don Perkins, Robert Post, Bruce Powell, David Jones, Lawrence Stankus, Michael Solomondies, Kerr Ramsey, George White, Thomas Murray, Darrin Ledford, Patrick Greene, Gregory Phelps, Geoffrey Lea, John McCallum, George Schoonover, Ed Carrigan, Gary Dickhart, Peter Kardash, Bryan Norman, Charles Bethany, David Mayberry, Kathy White, Kayla White, Mark Alan, Tom Phillips

New or Re-chartered chapters

St. Francis, Rio Rancho, NM

Brothers Departed

William Barzey, Dalton D. Downs, Thomas J Grace, Ron A Grant

George Grosvenor, Craig Harlan, Benjamin Tatum, Frank Francis, Ronald Blazier, John Thompson, Daniel Smaw

News from Br. Lyn Reavis

VP for Brothers At Large

There is not a day that goes by that the Brotherhood of St Andrew is not on the Air or ZOOM! There are Weekday Prayers, Podcasts, and Other Special Events. And, if for some reason you don’t have a Brotherhood Chapter or cannot attend Chapter Meeting, then once a month on the third Saturday, the Brotherhood will broadcast via ZOOM The Brotherhood Service at 9:30 AM Central Time!

Members will have an opportunity to interact and Pray alongside other Brothers from our On-Line Handbook. Also included will be a Bible Study from the Gospel designated for that day.

And we will have time to chat with each other, and get to know each other and if any Brother needs assistance, we will take note.

So, Saturday, February 18th, at 9:30 AM Central, join Bro. Lyn Reavis for Breakfast, Coffee, Prayer, and Study for the Brotherhood Beat, You Are Never Alone!

Treasurer News

New for 2023, The Finance Committee unanimously agreed to include a Treasurer's Report in the monthly Cross Newsletter. Starting in February, the Treasurer's Report will provide a summary of Year to Date activities. Bear in mind the report will lag the current month's results when sent for printing.

The monthly report will include the starting cash balances for the period YTD, the income and expenses at the beginning and end of the period, closing cash balances, and a projection of planned upcoming expenses in the near future.

We will also inform you of the health of our budget. One of the subtle nuances accepted by the Finance Committee was to remain completely transparent in reporting as accurately as possible the Brotherhood’s revenues and expenses incurred during the 2023 fiscal year. Reporting new members and chapters will also be highlighted. We will also include a Summary Cash Flow Statement. So, be on the lookout as we develop our report to bring to you, our beloved community.

Cecil Buxo

National Treasurer

Chairman, Finance Committee

First Annual “God’s Kingdom Building” Sweepstakes

Anglican Episcopal Men’s Ministry Community


Over a third of our men and youth who attended church prior to the Pandemic are missing in action today. The time has come to aggressively ring the Renewal and Evangelism Bell announcing Jesus Christ is here for you. We Change People’s Lives. We can do this as a team, one person at a time in the local congregations. Stewardship and Generosity are key elements. Money and fear took them away, Stewardship and love will win them back. We offer open hands of fellowship and a place where one can feel safe again. We each witness God’s precious gift given to each of us.


To all Brothers Andrew                                                February 1, 2023

What is the purpose of this new sweepstakes ticket sales??

As most of you are aware, the cost of doing business for non-profit organizations has far outstripped the annual pledge revenue. Most nonprofit organizations (including our churches) must augment their annual budgets with fundraising events of one kind or another. We do bake sales, BBQ events, pancake suppers, golf tournaments, car shows- car washes, you name it we have been a part of these events.

The Brotherhood is no exception. We need to raise 25% of our budget from sources outside our annual dues(pledges). The funds raised will be used to augment our pledges and provide additional funding to support our 7 Ministries, and provide funding for travel for Province Presidents and Diocesan Coordinators, our Executive Director, and Board Officers.

The Executive Board asked the Stewardship and Generosity Commission (SGC) to find newer ways to provide financial resources to support the men’s ministry demands. Airfare has increased, hotel costs have sky-rocketed, and regional workshop costs have become much more expensive.

The 1st Annual Kingdom Builders Sweepstakes will provide us an opportunity to once again launch visitations to diocesan conventions; attendance at chapter and assembly events, spiritual retreat sponsorships; and/or regional summits featuring the seven missions.

The Stewardship & Generosity Commission also believes we could be staying at Brothers' homes when traveling to visit chapters. We are also looking for American Express points for airline ticket purchases. As we travel by air or rental car we would welcome donated points for the Hilton Honors program, too. Southwest Airlines is a similar story. 

Times have changed. Inflation is here to stay. We must think outside the box and find new ways of supporting the work of the Brotherhood. The Sweepstakes is one such effort. Your suggestions and participation are welcome as we work together to spread Christ’s Kingdom to men and youth.

Jeffrey K. Butcher, Chairman

Stewardship and Generosity Commission

Local Chapter News!

Send us pictures and short writeups of what great things are going on in your Brotherhood world! We'd love to share!

St. Timothy's, Greenville, NC

Major General Kurt Ryan, Episcopalian and Eagle Scout recently spoke to the St. Tim Greenville, NC St. Andrew Chapter about his bicycle ride across America. Ryan talked about American exceptionalism, the great people he met and the churches he stayed in each night.

Maj. General Ryan has agreed to be our webinar speaker in September!!

Texas Assembly of the Brotherhood Annual Meeting


The Texas Assembly of the Brotherhood of St Andrew held their Annual Meeting on January 28th at Trinity Episcopal Church in The Woodlands, TX. We had a Continental breakfast, financial reports, golf tournament summary, speakers, lunch, Fall Boys Retreat summary, scholarships, Province VII updates and Chapter Reports. We also included Prayers for those in need.


Our keynote speaker was Brother Tom Martin, VP of Fiend Operations for the National Brotherhood. Tom talked about Why BStA, BStA Core Values, Are You Living BStA and also our new Brotherhood website.


We had four other speakers. Dana Robertson, Kinship Program Manager for Angel reach spoke about their operation and how it helps children. Dr Rob, CEO/Founder of Positive Black Males Association of Houston, spoke about the impact the Brotherhood support has had on the lives of inner-city youth. These two organizations are supported by the Texas Assembly. Brother Ed Davis spoke about Prison Ministry and Restorative Justice. Chris Mathews, Province VII president, talked about what’s happening in the province and at National.


The Texas Assembly also recognized the service of two individuals. Dan Brast, VP of the Assembly, was recognized for his many contributions, President of the Assembly and in running the Assembly’s Annual Golf Tournament. Dan has stepped down from President and from running the Golf Tournament, which is the one and only fundraiser for the Assembly. David Hobbs (not present) was also recognized for his many contributions as Treasurer, website master, and chairman of the Fall Boys Retreat. David has stepped down from these roles.


Peter Gilmour, President   480-206-9242 ptrglmr7@gmail.com

Texas Assembly of the Brotherhood of St Andrew

St. Andrew's Anglican - Lewis Center, Ohio

Our chapter has a senior care facility/nursing home about 20 minutes north of us in a town called Delaware. It is Will Brook at Delaware Run. 

We have a widow there of a former brother, Dave Cook whom we recognize every year as he started our annual brats bash. We also have recently started a meeting there the 3rd Sunday's of the month. It piggy backs one our clergy who is doing Sunday service there from 2p-2:45p, and we meet right after from 3pm to 4pm. We recently had 5 men in attendance. Residents Bill Lucas, Jim Worthington, and then our priest Fr. Wil Verhoof, and "regular" chapter brothers Jim Menke and Carlo Cherubini. Not able to attend due to sickness was George Spradling, yet we had time to go visit his wife while we were there and pray with her.

At our meeting we took prayer requests, prayed for one another, and did a short study on John 1:35-51.

Jim Menke and I feel it's an important part of our service to make sure we include our extended St Andrew's Church Family as much as we can, and it worked out well with Fr. Will already having a service there. We're hoping over the next few months that the brothers there can invite a friend or two to join us and maybe get this to be a group of at least 10. May the Spirit lead us as He wills.

Carlo Cherubini

BStA meetings of the Ascension, Knoxville chapter, held each Thursday at 7:00 a.m. Eastern. The topics for six weeks are retirement, estate planning, hospice care, death and funeral services, and the role of the church at death. Hope you can join in and get some ideas to take this series to other chapters and whole parishes as a ministry of BStA.

Zoom Link Here!


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 475 299 366

Password: Ascension


It's that time again to support your favorite Assembly's Annual President Day Breakfast fundraiser. The annual breakfast is the Assembly's flagship fundraiser. The Assembly raises funds to support select scholarship recipients who have won the annual scholarship awards for their excellent academic performance during the school year. Some of our recipients may be more needy, yet very deserving children within the parishes in Brooklyn, NY. The awards are presented to these gifted students at their parish churches by the Brooklyn Assembly President and Scholarship Committee. The Assembly also sponsors fundraisers such as Feeding the Less Fortunate, Disaster Relief and Youth Programs through its Outreach Programs. Click here for the annual breakfast flyer and order ticket. 

Hymns with Link

When Christ Our Lord to Andrew Cried

When Christ Our Lord To Andrew Cried Lyrics

Jesus Calls Us, o'er the Tumult

Eternal Father

Brotherhood of St. Andrew Asset Map

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Prayer Requests

If you have a personal prayer request please contact (502) 450-5809 to access the list and/or submit your requests. Accessing the list to join in the power of praying for those in need.

Many chapters have used various methods of keeping track of their prayer request. One such form has been used that organizes the requests and corporate prayers.

Click Here to submit your request

Learn to Pray the Anglican Rosary


Books and Articles

Some Recommended

Books to Read

Leadership NOT by the Book


David Green, CEO and founder of Hobby Lobby

Lent: The Season of Repentance and Renewal


Esau McCaulley

The Loneliness Epidemic


Susan Mettes

The Work of Prayer


James O. S. Huntington

Do you have any book recommendations? Write to us and give us the title and author so we can share it with your Brothers!

We Always Need Cross Articles and Ideas!
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