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You're Invited! Join us for the 
Cleveland Restoration Society's 2016 Benefit

The Cleveland Restoration Society is taking a moment to revel in the cultural side of historic preservation during their 2016 benefit party. The St. Clair neighborhood is the heart of Cleveland's Slovenian cultural heritage and the Slovenian National Home, a City of Cleveland Landmark built in 1924, is the center of this culture. On
Saturday, September 24, the Cleveland Restoration Society will take over the Slovenian National Home to celebrate Slovenian traditions with a twist.
Old world traditions are successfully mingling with new dreams in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood. Younger generations and new residents are working to revitalize the neighborhood while upholding ethnic traditions; they are infusing an unique heritage with a deep commitment to sustainability. Perfect examples can be found in the Cleveland Flea, Upcycle St. Clair, Loft Homes created 
out of vintage worker cottages, Night Markets, the Kurentovanje Festival 
and much more.
Join the Cleveland Restoration Society as we revel in the traditions of a proud past and celebrate a hopeful future! We will honor the unique contributions of three of the neighborhood's community leaders: Michael Fleming, Executive Director at the St. Clair Superior Community Development Corp; Rich Clark, President of St. Martin de Porres; and Rick Semersky, owner of 
Sterle's Country House. 

We're all Slovenian for the day! 

Tickets are available now. Starting at $175 per person. Register at clevelandrestoration.org.   

Marketing Tool: Fall Mailings

We're Gearing Up for the 2016 Fall Mailing
We are in the midst of preparing our Fall Mailing Schedule. Mailings are sent directly to homeowners in participating communities who live in homes that were built in 1966 or earlier .  These direct mailings are a great way to get "in front of" homeowners to inform them about our services. 

When speaking with homeowners, they frequently reference the mailing postcard as how they learned about the program. Your office may receive calls from homeowners who have questions about our service.  Feel free to send these homeowners our way.
If your city is not signed up to receive a fall mailing but would like to, please contact us to arrange this.  Additionally, feel free to contact us if you're not sure whether your city receives a fall mailing or not.


Upcoming Event:

See Heritage Home Program Staff present at the second annual Legacy Cities Conference in Detroit

The Michigan State Historic Preservation Office and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority will convene an interdisciplinary meeting in Detroit September 13-16 to discuss the role of historic preservation in revitalizing America's legacy cities. 

Sessions will explore the programs and initiatives that are helping to shape the future of formerly industrial cities. Connect with  preservationists, community and economic developers, urban planners and policymakers to share ideas and devise solutions for our built environment.

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