Celebrating 25 Years of the Heritage Home Program!
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Spring Mailings 2017

Look Out For Your Mailing Reminder!

The Spring Mailings for 2017 began Monday, March 13th.  A mailing will occur each Monday through May 22nd.  

You will be sent a reminder email when your community's mailing goes out.  Those reminders will include your region's information session location, date, and time.  Please feel free to join us for those information sessions, should your schedule allow! 

For a full list of information sessions, please check out our online calendar at  http://www.heritagehomeprogram.org/events.php  

Celebrating 25 Years of the Heritage Home Program!
A Look Back at the Best of the Heritage Home Program

There are many highlights over the 25 year history of the HHP and we have chosen a few notable projects to share with you.  Below is a loan from the early years in 1998 when the program was  available only to residents in a few historic districts in the City of Cleveland.  This Gothic Revival, located on the near west side of Cleveland, was slated for demolition because of its proximity to a medical campus that was expanding.  CRS negotiated a deal and moved the home out of the threatened area, saving and restoring this cottage.

In 2001, the Heritage Home Program expanded outside city limits and began partnerships with first ring suburbs including Lakewood, Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights.  Below are images of one of the first loans in Cleveland Heights.  These homeowners have used the HHP several times in the last 16 years to continue preserving original architectural features on their 1904 home and barn, including a manger and hay feeder.  The interior maintains its original plumbing, tile and fixtures in the baths.  Original lighting, period wall paper, and eight wood burning fireplaces look the same as they did 100 years ago.  No wonder these homeowners were the recipient of the City's Historic Preservation award in 2016!

In 2012, the Heritage Home Program made several major changes to the program criteria in response to the housing crisis.  These changes included lower fees for loan clients, and relaxed requirements involving building materials.  Now homes that already had vinyl siding and windows could be eligible for other projects without having to restore the original siding or windows.  At this time, the program initiated a more aggressive marketing campaign and began a greater expansion into Cuyahoga County and beyond.  Mid-century modern architecture and building materials became better integrated into the program and continue to be a strong focus of our staff, reflecting the wide variety of housing styles we can now work on across northeast Ohio.  Below are examples of some mid-century homes that have taken advantage of the HHP in recent years.

Technical Assistance
Design Options for Additions on Historic Homes

Homeowners sometimes contact Heritage staff to discuss how they might transform their older home in a manner that is cohesive with the existing property but also meets their modern-day needs. Sometimes, that transformation includes increasing square footage by building an addition. The Heritage Home Program has assisted numerous homeowners with design ideas that are compatible with the existing home, as well as financing to get the project done.  

Site Visits provide the opportunity to have an introductory conversation about what would be appropriate for the age and architectural style of the home and what could be funded using the Heritage loan. Homeowners and Heritage staff begin by discussing possible options for layout, placement, scale and materials for new construction. Heritage staff can also provide homeowners with guidance on bidding out the work to various contractors, and review estimates along the way. This Parameters for Additions one-pager provides homeowners with information on the components that are taken into consideration when reviewing addition designs on older homes.  

An entrance and mudroom were created at the rear of this property with an HHP-financed addition. 
The size and configuration of the pre-existing space was non-functional. 

Homeowners wanted to expand the footprint of their kitchen, where they spend most of their time. 
A rear entrance was altered and expanded to create a modern, open-concept kitchen and 
dining space in this older home. The addition also allowed for a mudroom. 

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